Friday, November 14, 2008

female mag?

Five days ago, i got an invitation card to attend :-

I arrived there by 12pm and i thought the event gonna start at 1pm as what it stated on the website.. but i only realized that it's starting at 1.30pm instead after i saw this :-

So while waiting for the show to start, i took some pictures :-

People lining up to buy the Female mag

So they can get a goodie bag

Photographers standing by to take pictures on their platform

The crowd

Daphne Iking's back

Finally the show started at 1.30pm.. the 1st performance was a blast! impressive~~

The emcees

And the finalists

For more pictures and video of each finalist, click here

The reason why i attended the event coz my brother-in-law, randall westwood was 1 of the 50 finalists.. i bet you all want to see how my bb's brother look like right? :P

Okay okay girls.. stop drooling.. yeah i know! he's good looking right? but too bad he's already taken :P

Here are the westwood brothers (randall & ryan)

I SAID stop drooling! both of them are taken.. heheheheh... both of them WERE personal trainers in celebrity fitness back in penang.. great body, huh? :P even my bb also has a great body :)~

And not to mention another westwood.. their cousin from greece.. look at his body!

I guess ALL the westwood have great bodies.. hehehe...

Okay okay.. back to the female 50 gorgeous people.. i didn't stick around for long.. randall was NOT selected to be in the top 10 so i went to have lunch at dave's with serena.. after lunch, i came back and chatted with randall.. saw some performance and left after they announced the winner..

The Most Gorgeous female is :-

Dhanya @ tv personality / model

And the Most Gorgeous male is :-

Daniel @ model

Both of them are famous people.. hence i'm sure the public will vote for them.. i just feel that it's not fair to the others.. nevertheless, congrats to both of them :)

Where's the cam-whoring pictures??

Me and Vanessa

Me and serena (thanks to serena for the pic)

Me, randall and vanessa (thanks to kinu for the picture)

Oh well, randall didn't go home empty handed.. he got a goodie bag.. and of course i was a lil disappointed that he was NOT in the top 10.. well, better luck next time! hmmmm.. maybe i should nominate him in the Cleo Bachelor :P~ what do you think??


QQAlice said...

hey nicole just wonder whats the background of Westwood family? Are they Malaysian?

Anonymous said...

Omg.... i love their BODY:)

lovegoddess said...

aiyoo.. i had to hold a bowl to contain my drool !

yr extended westwood from Greece really reminded me of my long lost Greek pen friend. that day i tried to locate him in FB but no luck.

nyways yea Randall should've been in the final top 10! he's got both looks and poise

Anonymous said...

OMG ur bro in law is a hottie!