Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've never been a fan of cupcakes.. why? coz they used to be so simply, plain and boring.. hmmm.. how come that sounds like a description of me? heh..

Anyways, since i found out that the image of cupcakes have totally changed, i've been searching for the BEST place to buy those cute cupcakes :)

My 1st ever 'cute' cupcakes were bought at CupcakeChic at the curve, PJ.. they have lots of variaties BUT lack of the cutesy type of cupcakes which i wanted.. do you know what cutesy type of cupcakes i am talking about?

Here are some samples from, damansara uptown :-

Besides from, bisou, asian heritage row also offers variaties of cupcakes :-

Don't they make you drool? i think i'd NOT have the heart to eat it IF i do ever receive those cupcakes.. hmmm.. would you?


Anonymous said...

yea i will eat.
because it is too nice d.... i lagi want to see how it taste like.

Anonymous said...

I guess I wont gonna eat it... I find them bit too sweet ^^" N those cupcakes r way too cute , mayb should keep them in a glass shelf for display :P

Anonymous said...

Moreover.... why buy and keep...

Nat said...

I still prefer simple cup cakes. =P

Those with patterns, decos look too rich to consume.

Have you seen a new 'Pao' joint in KLCC? It's new concept with a lot of different decos. haha. Looks special but didn't quite find them appertizing.


:: Nicole.F :: said...

nat: i think maybe the icing on the cupcake are low fat? hehehe.. like the cream topping on your ice-blended at coffee bean is low fat..

pao? i think it must be halal.. i don't eat halal pao.. coz my fav is 'cahr siew pau'.. hehehe..