Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been feeling gloomy (maybe coz of the gloomy weather) for the past few days.. i don't know why.. i have nothing to blog about as well.. actually i do have tons of outdated pictures to upload and to blog..

It seems like that every lil thing i said i'd upset someone.. if i blog about this, someone will say that i'm boasting AND if i say that, i'd be refer as a gold digger or a dumb blonde.. i hate to blog about politics and religion.. it's controversial..

So, let's blog about my life...

For me, my life is very simple.. all my life i've been staying with my mum and ever since i got married and moved out, finally i've a taste of freedom.. i can do whatever i want or go out whenever i want.. i can wake up anytime i want without having my mum switching off the air-cond at 11am.. i can cook whenever i want and eat whatever i want..

One more thing, i can just soak myself in the jacuzzi for hours.. with some candles lit up.. it's purely relaxing.. aahhhhh~

I love having some of my close friends staying over.. we'd have a night out watching chick flicks, cook our fav food and eat it together.. just plain chit-chatting and do some catching up..

Ever since boboie came into my life, he's apart of me.. he's there for me when i'm sad and when i'm happy.. he licked my tears away whenever i cried.. he was there with me when i spent valentine's day alone at home not too long ago.. he's the BEST companion ever.. i'm so glad that we brought him home 2 years ago..



Nat said...

In all honesty. What you post, what you think, you are entitled to them. No one can judge.

1) When you post online, you must always anticipate there are people who attack. Some out of jealousy, or some just simply do it for the sake of self satisfaction.

I have had my share of attacks, and even some asked me to burn in hell for 'what I am'.

Best you just ignore these bunch of jackos. I'm pretty sure they will get theirs with the accumulated karma.

2) What you have with you is a blessing. A good hubby to take care of you, who loves you, a good doggie companion, and you get to experience the luxury in life. =) Most important is that you count your blessings and cherish the people around you. =) No need to worry about what other people think and no need to justify to them.

3) However, just be wary not to post too important/personal items online. Because you never know which bored/jealous people might be lurking around and they might use those information as leverage to attack again.

So in short... hope you don't feel down because of some attacks. Simply not worthed pondering over them. They will get theirs eventually.


Anonymous said...

No offense to you NAT...

But nicole good to you for being wise... this is a nice post very modest... this is the nice kind of post u should post people will like you even more... Thanks... Keep it up... modesty...

talk about the fine things in life like how much u love your husband... wat youll do when you spend time together... talk bout things which dont involve showing off and bragging more ppl will start to like you more... Cheers nicole... take care

Nat said...

Speaking from a neautral standpoint anony.

1) I don't know nicole.

2) I am not equiped with a lot of good things in life and I don't see myself getting there anytime soon.

Yet somehow that doesn't make me think any different about nicole's post and comments. Certainly do not interpret them as bragging. merely sharing.

My point being, we all have our own lives to fulfill. And best you move on with yours. Do save yourself the agony of getting upset over people's blogs, why torture yourself?

I won't say more. cause personally I also get very tired of seeing bombardment comments.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

when i blog about finer things in life, i didn't set my mindset as bragging.. i know there's ppl out there who have to work REAL hard to have what i have OR some they won't even have the privilege, so i was just merely sharing..

last time when i can't afford all this, i'd look up to those ppl who can.. reading and knowing how it feels, makes me go.. wah.. nice.. i wish i can afford it BUT it certainly didn't make me feel envy, jealous or think bad about that someone..

i've blog about my life before.. what i been through last time.. how my mum made me to work for things that i want.. how i was earning rm1400 and can't even own a credit card.. i don't get things easily from my mum even i'm the only child.. i come from a broken family..

i still remember where i come from.. i cherish russ and what he is doing for us.. but if anyone wants to judge me with the posts which u think i'm bragging, then u're just shallow.. or maybe u have to read my ENTIRE blog

Nat said...

Nicole you can just delete his/her comments whenever he/she posts.

Clearly he/she has no life but linger upon others'.