Saturday, March 07, 2009

doggie spa & massage?

A few days ago, i took boboie for his weekly bath.. but that day i decided to pamper boboie.. hehe.. i asked jason, boboie's personal groomer to give boboie a spa and massage treatment! :) a basic groom (bath + blow dried + fur trimming) cost rm30 but for the spa and massage, it cost rm100 including basic grooming..

First, jason bathed boboie :-

Giving him a good rub all over his body, ears, face, paws and tail..

Then he applied the aromatherapy thingy all over boboie and gave him a whole body massage with the hot steam facing boboie.. the massage lasted for almost an hour with 2 other groomers took turn massaging boboie..

To be honest, boboie's fur becomes so much softer and smoother after that.. he smells good too.. but pity boboie, he had to stand throughout the entire process of grooming..

So he was REALLY tired.. you can see the below picture as proof! hehehe

*Whatcha looking at? i'm DARN tired =.= woof! woof!*


Purple~MushRooM said...

Hahaha... your dog so lucky. U spend 100 for him to do spa!! Even my body massage below my house cost only half that price. Hahaha!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i pamper him once awhile only.. that was his 2nd time.. for me, i only had 3 times doing spa & massage.. once was in bali, once was valentine's day with russ and once during friend's hen night :P

The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow doggie massage? Cute! And your dog looks sooo adorable :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: yea, he's cute AND adorable

Mimi said...

Your doggie is so cute!!! I have a shih tzu too... the best dog so far!

Jones Morris said...

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