Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my bathroom?

You would wonder why i love our bathroom and misses it whenever i'm not around..

This is why :-

I'm pretty sure no one would say "NO" to a jacuzzi :p am i right? hehe.. we want to keep the bathroom simple and nice hence it's ALL white (trying to make it look like a hotel bathroom).. and of course, the white tiles do make the bathroom look bigger AND brighter :)

We do keep a weighing scale in the bathroom.. for me to keep my weight in check, of course.. to make sure i don't go over 57kg =.="

And as for most of my friends who do know me, i don't have a dressing table.. my bathroom mirror IS my only mirror.. since i do not have my dressing table, hence it means only 1 thing.. i do NOT have many facial products or cosmetics or perfumes..

Here's a peek at my 'dressing table' :-

- my 1 and only simple facial wash

- toothbrush

- crabtree & evelyn lavender bath salt in an ikea jar (for the jacuzzi)

- mark & spencer lavender foaming bath (for the jacuzzi)

- bodyshop camomile eye make up remover

- bodyshop hand & nail treatment cream

- bodyshop passion fruit body scrub *it does smell so yummy*

- estee lauder night repair

- estee lauder hydra complete

- oral B toothpaste

And this is my shampoo and shower gel :-

That's all i have! told ya, i'm a simple girl.. i don't do mask, no whitening cream, no anti-aging cream, no hair conditioner (coz i've oily scalp) and etc..

If i don't use the jacuzzi, i'd take about 30mins to wash my hair and shower.. just like a guy.. ok ok.. not all guys.. coz some guys take forever to shower.. me and my bb take almost the same amount of time to shower :)

So, what do you think? i'm not the fussy pampered girly girl right? :P


Unknown said...

adore your jacuzzi! how much does it cost? But i don't think my bathroom can fits it in :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

oh, thanks :) we've looked around and came across this and it cost about rm4k+ including a heater

QQAlice said...

i like the tiles color..that brown is always my fav..and most of my furnitures and bedsheets come with brownish and creamy coffee colors.

But hey 30minutes for a shower...for me is pretty long !!! but some people really take pretty long time in a shower..for me i only take about 10minutes or even less if in the hurry...only if i need a hot hot shower..i would stand for longer time until the hot water is going empty. I onced showered, changed, plus make up took less than date picked me from somewhere and took me home and he was waiting me downstair in his car...when I came back to his car he was shocked for i looked totally different and i took less than 20minutes !! muhhahahaha thats my record !

:: Nicole.F :: said...

QQalice: wah! i think i should time mine.. maybe it's less than 30mins.. hahaha...

i do save my time quite alot when i go out coz i know what i want to wear AND i don't wear make-up :P

QQAlice said...

yeah i dont do make up also..and i hate that coz I dont feel fresh...but i will only have light make up without doing anything on my eyes when i went clubbing or any formal dinner. Other than these events I dont make up.

But now after married and have a child, make up will be the last thing in my mind...seriously..i dont even remember when was the last time i had make up !

Speaking of which, hmmm i am abit surprise that you are not such a girl who like to make up and guess what good on ya nicole !

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u know, my make-up products are all above 3 years old! n i still have it.. i still use it tho.. the blusher n eye shadow.. yea i know it's not good for skin but i do not want it to go wasted :p

QQAlice said...

hahhahhah same here.....i really scare those products are expired and it will do harm to my skin..i threw some of them especially lipsticks. But i donno why sometimes i still want to buy just incase one day i would use it. ohh well we are ladies...the shopping diseas seems like dignosed naturally. :P I found damn hard to put the "STOP" sign for this habit

Nat said...

I have the exact same toothbrush as yours! The pink one. ahahha. real coincidence. =P

Nice bathroom design. I particularly love the sink with bowl-ish design. I think it's practical, you don't get water splashing to the sides so easily.


:: Nicole.F :: said...

nathan: same toothbrush? hehe.. i love the toothbrush actually.. it's my 2nd one :p

Jason Ong said...

Wah! Lovely bathroom. Nice & cosy. Those jacuzzi realy works especially after a day of hardwork to destress. Btw, Nic I also like the weighting scale. It looks slim and hi-tech compare to the conventional one. Mine telling me where to get it? Would like to get it as a gift for my fiancee. :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jason: actually i hardly use the jacuzzi.. hehe.. coz i got no reason to de-stress :)

well the weighing scale i got it at 1U.. the new wing.. i think it's call home DIY or something.. LG floor :) it's next to movie magic where they sell dvds

Jason Ong said...

Nic, thanks for the info. :)