Thursday, March 19, 2009

how did i spend my b'day?

Well, i fell sick ON my b'day!! =.=

Me and serena made plans for lunch on my b'day.. but before meeting her, i went to the doctor first.. the doctor said i had a slight fever and also throat infection.. great =.=

He gave me 4 types of medicine.. uphamol for my fever, inflamation, amocla for my antibiotic and some lozenges.. everything cost me rm55..

Then by 12pm, i drove to jaya 1 to meet serena.. we had pasta at santini.. i didn't have much appetite.. couldn't finish up my spaghetti seafood marinara :(

Anyway after lunch, we spend time chatting and serena gave me a BIG bag filled with goodies.. hehe.. thanks :)

By 3pm, i was on my way to pavilion to meet nikie (my bff) and grey.. BUT they were late.. hence i spent almost 2 hours walking around pavilion ALONE.. trying to get online with the free wifi.. alas by 5pm, they came.. we walked around for an hour and then we ended up having dinner at 'The carat club'..

This is what we had :-

Slipper lobster spaghetti for me and nikie

Spaghetti marinara for grey

The food were not bad BUT our pasta was a lil bland.. the homemade bread was superb.. ended up having 2 each.. then the bill came.. rm162.. oh well, it was my b'day so nikie and grey treated me.. hehe..

Then we window shopped again.. instead of buying something for MYSELF, i ended up buying a lil something for my bb! i bought it with MY b'day ang pow money somemore..

My bb said he'd get me a lil something when he comes back.. i can't wait :)

Besides that, i bought something from la senza and some chocolates too! for myself of course XD

Time passes by so quickly coz now it's no longer my b'day :'( i haven't had my b'day cake.. ok ok, i want either a cheese cake OR cupcakes..

Anyway, i gotta thank all of my friends and relatives for the b'day wishes on my fb :) i can't wait for my bb to come home and we celebrate my b'day AGAIN.. i wonder what he'd buy for me.. hmmmm.....

ps: thanks serena, nikie and grey for accompany me on my b'day *muacks muacks*


QQAlice said...

Hey Nicole !! Happy belated birthday !! All the best and many more birthdays to come. And I can see that you REALLY LOVE pasta alot !! pasta for lunch and dinner !! but that lobster one sound nice !

Also hope you recover soon !

Nat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nicole! =)


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nicole~
saw da chocolate you bought, hav u recover from fever? otherwise, ur chocolate should stay in refrigerator mayb a lil bit longer?? :)
Oh.. I'm a March baby too.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks for the b'day wishes :)

qqalice: i'm much better now.. fever gone within a day, sore throat still a bit tho..

biying: yea my chocolates are IN my fridge.. for now at least :P have to wait til i completely recover first

The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey Nic, good to know you had a good Birthday :) Once you try the Theobrama chocies let me know if it's good :)Tempted to buy too :)

Anonymous said...

i think theobroma chocolates are over-rated. i prefer godiva its much nicer than theobroma, u sud give it a try

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: i seldom eat chocs hence i do not know much about it.. the last time i had real nice chocs was bateel.. i think..

will give godiva a try.. after my throat is heal :)