Monday, June 01, 2009

what did i tell you?

My bff, nikie didn't believe me when i told her that i don't have much clothes.. UNTIL when she was at my place and saw my wardrobe with her own eyes! she went like this o.O and i went like 'told ya =.='

My wardrobe is still pretty empty.. even with my clothes and my bb's clothes combined :p

Upper right are my bb's polo shirts.. dark blue renoma, light blue giordano, white lacoste and white ralph lauren..

Middle are my forever 21 dresses and some no brand tops while

Upper left are my 3 sets of pyjamas and

The bottom ones are mainly my shorts and skirts..

As for the other side of my wardrobe, mostly are my bb's folded t-shirts and shorts AND my folded clothes

Yeah, my clothes only occupy 2 compartments.. actually can be put in one BUT i have to separate them from outing wear to sleeping wear..

So there, i don't lie.. when i say i'm not a shopaholic i really meant it.. i don't have a FULL walk-in wardrobe which i wanted.. even if i do have, i think it'd be SO empty.. UNLESS i have a walk-in shoe closet instead then it'd be a different story! ;)

But hmmmm, even if i do have a walk-in shoe closet it'd be pretty empty as well.. sigh.. i'd fail to be a shopaholic.. coz take a look at my shoe cabinet now :-

Yes, my shoe cabinet is THIS small..

All those are from vincci except the maroon heels which i bought at the Guess? warehouse for rm80.. hehe..

Here's where i put my crocs slipper and adidas sneaker and 2 empty vincci boxes.. i love shoes but it's kinda hard for me to find the designs that i want.. and oh, i don't put my louboutin in there :p~ no no, coz it might get stolen! as people could jump into my walkway easily..

So there, i got loads of empty space in my wardrobe and shoe cabinet.. hope i could fill it up later in years to come.. hehe


Nat said...

Few years from now, you will dedicate a room space just for you both's wardrobe collection. Just like the one Big build for Carey in Sex in City movie. =P *Dreams*.


QQAlice said...

Well sometimes its good to be that way...too many clothes is a mess too and I found myself always throw my clothes even some I never wear and still with the price tag.
I hate to see when my wardrobe is full and still feeling I dont have anything to wear.

Its changing season now...i have to pack summer clothes and unpack winter one..i guess I will have to throw some clothes..I already threw a bag of my son's one. :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

nat: i just want a walk in shoe wardrobe filled with louboutins, manolos and choos!! hehehe...

i wish :p

qqalice: well, in m'sia there's only 1 season.. there's no winter hence my wardrobe doesn't have winter clothes BUT then i'd want to wear a trench coat! it's SO nice

QQAlice said...

nicole u can have some coat ready for your oversea holiday. perhaps one day russ says hey nic lets go europe !!! ^_*

Malaysia do sell some nice jackets. My hub bought a couple from Malaysia...remember one from Diesel.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

qqalice: how i wish he'd sweep me off my feet and fly me to europe or us.. hehehe...


The Mrs Blogs said...

Nice shoe collection Nicole! I'm one of those people guilty of having too many clothes BUT always end up wearing the same ones. My wardrobe is a mess.