Monday, June 29, 2009


I know i know.. i've abandoned my blog for the LONGEST time ever =.=" well i have good reason tho.. as all of you know that whenever russ is back home, i'd take some time off from blogging.. to do *ahem* more "productive" activity instead of sitting down in front of my old macbook..

So, yea he came back on 16th june AND we flew off to somewhere the very next day! it was my LONGEST (12hours) flight EVER.. i'm NOT complaining and if i could choose to do it all over again, i would! at the drop of the hat! hehe..

We just came back a few hours ago and i've been busy taking pics, cleaning the house and putting all our dirrrrrty clothes to wash.. some of you guys might already know where we went BUT i'd still post a picture for you to see ;)

No, we didn't stand in front of a green screen and take a pic =.=" anyway, it's time for me to take a shower, watch a blu ray perhaps and try to sleep..

ps: stay tune for more pictures.. i can't edit the pics all at once.. please do give me some time ya? thank god i don't photoshop my pics.. or else... i'd take forever to upload the pics.. hehe