Friday, June 12, 2009

where is boboie?

Some people has been asking me where is boboie.. so, now i present you... BOBOIE!

*woof woof*

Harlow, human.. how haf you been doing? you missh me?? it's been the longest time since i last posted on mommy's blog.. i know some of you missh me, right? gosh, it's so hard for me to type with my nails.. i've to pester mommy to bring me to do some mani and pedi.. hmph! i got a few piccies to share here.. hope you still find me cute, okie dokie?

*woof + tail wagging*

Me and mommy took some piccies for daddy when he's away working.. he said he missh me too.. and i missh daddy.. i seldom get to see my daddy coz he's always not here but when he's back, he always come to see me and take me out.. i love daddy coz he never scold me.. i love mommy too and sometimes i lick her tears away when she cries.. i think becoz she missh daddy alot..

Me and mommy taking piccies for daddy to see

Okay, i gotta go pee pee now.. mommy is gonna take me downstairs.. have a good day, human..

Boboie westwood out


Nat said...

Omg. Boboie sounds like daffy duck/sylvester the cat. ehehehe.

I love the singlet on him. So narak mak-mak!

*Pinches Bobie's cheeks*


Elyssa said...

Hey Nicole,

Was trying to find the latest blog on your boboie. Hey, the condo allows dogs ah? :P. My hubby sangat sangat suka wanna have a doggie (though he'll definitely would not get his wish of a golden retriever la cos of the space constraint). My parents will occasionally bring their doggie (promeranian) to my place...maybe he can meet Boboie :P