Monday, March 29, 2010


Today as i was browsing some books @ borders, i stumbled upon this book :-

It's in malay.. so it's a bible knowledge of malaysia's ghosts.. it caught my eye coz of the graphic and the black background.. i flipped it through and then i started laughing..

'Hantu kangkang' is a male version of 'hantu kopek'. This ghost uses it's penis to attack their victim.


And do you want to know the definition of 'hantu kopek'?

'Hantu kopek' is a female ghost who attack their victims with their... BREAST! LOL!!

I'm kidding you.. NOT!

Damn, this is the most funniest thing i ever read on a book..

Anyway, i think most guys are 'hantu kangkang'.. they in a way do 'attack' females with their penis..


Friday, March 19, 2010


For the last week, i was quite busy.. coz russ's brother and sisters were in kl.. so i had to take them around, shop with them and cook at home.. we went to a few places and i hope they enjoyed themselves :)

Starbucks, ikano

The curve

Bubba Gump, the curve

Wendy's, mont kiara

Angeli with boboie

Wondermilk, damansara uptown

Las Carretas, USJ

Now, i can't wait for my bb to come home soon :D

Thursday, March 04, 2010

new hairdo again?

I used to have long hair when i met my bb.. then i chopped it off 2 years ago.. now, i've got a new hairdo! since i'm planning to keep my hair long, i can't cut it any shorter.. hence i went for a trim, layer-ing and coloring..

I've been doing research all over the forums.. finding for a good salon.. i didn't want to go back to my hairstylist as he's scared to take 'the risk'.. i remembered the last time, he hesitated to chop my long locks off! he asked me a few times if i was very sure of it =.=

My bb says that he love to play with my long hair.. so he always 'beg' me to keep it long again.. hehe.. well, i think after 2 years of having short hair, it's time for a new change :D

I just came back from Guessen, plaza mont kiara.. this is my first time letting a jap to cut my hair.. i just asked her to give my hair a shape AND also some layers to hide my FAT      W I D E face.. haha



Well i guess today will be my last time cutting my hair as i want to keep it long.. this time, i want to make my hair wavy.. want to curl my hair myself, when it's long.. please get long soon~