Monday, March 29, 2010


Today as i was browsing some books @ borders, i stumbled upon this book :-

It's in malay.. so it's a bible knowledge of malaysia's ghosts.. it caught my eye coz of the graphic and the black background.. i flipped it through and then i started laughing..

'Hantu kangkang' is a male version of 'hantu kopek'. This ghost uses it's penis to attack their victim.


And do you want to know the definition of 'hantu kopek'?

'Hantu kopek' is a female ghost who attack their victims with their... BREAST! LOL!!

I'm kidding you.. NOT!

Damn, this is the most funniest thing i ever read on a book..

Anyway, i think most guys are 'hantu kangkang'.. they in a way do 'attack' females with their penis..



sherman said...

kangkang in hokkien is calling those ppl open their leg widely..
dun know is there any link to tis malay ghost called "Hantu KangKang" their leg widely to show their Peni's...& then attack..haha..

Elyssa said...

Oh my goodness....*ROFL*....hahahahahahahahahaahhaha

Anonymous said...


Gallivanter said...

What the hell? What about bum ghosts, Hantu Kompang? Haha!