Monday, April 26, 2010


As most of you all know, i am a fan of Christian Louboutin.. and my bb bought me my very first pair back in last year feb.. as my valentine's day gift.. i kept it in the box for at least a couple of months before i finally have the heart to wear it.. i mean what's the use of buying it and not wearing it? right? furthermore, my bb said if i don't wear the shoes then no more CLs for me! :(

Anyway, i've been wearing my loubie quite frequent.. to a wedding, clubbing, dinners and shopping.. the red sole is wearing off! i thought of bringing it to a cobbler and sticking a new sole on it BUT i doubt that they have a red sole.. mostly are blacks..

Then i did some research on a forum on 'how to take care of your louboutin'.. yes, there's a forum for fashionista and a special thread dedicated to all Louboutin lovers.. i found out that besides sticking a new sole, i can just spray 'plasti dip' @ synthetic rubber coating to the sole! yay!

DIY session :-

My loubie

Worn ugly sole

After 2 layers of plasti dip

It looks like brand new! wohoo! but then again, i have to keep spraying it as the rubber coating will come off when i walk in those shoe.. i know it's not a good solution but hey, it works temporarily.. until i can find a cobbler in kl who sells red sole OR maybe i should bring all my loubies to the cobbler in paragon, singapore for a new red sole! ;)


Mimi said...

Great tips! But making the trip to Singapore once in a while to repair CLs and get some new ones won't hurt! hehehe..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yeah, we should organize a shopping trip soon! haha

Cas said...

Wow that's quite innovative actually. Thank god for forums eh, hehe. Well guess you could also take them to SG soon :)