Friday, July 23, 2010


What is your ambition in life? what drives/motivate you to achieve that ambition? for me it's simple.. the finer things in life..

I can say that i'm no longer the same person 4 years ago.. things changed, people change.. i don't get all teary eye when i watch a sappy love story movie or hear some lovey dovey romantic songs.. the things that happened in your life makes you change and grow up.. snapping you out from your fantasy/fairytale world and sucking you into the reality..

I grew up wanting things which i can't afford.. but i've always settled and be contented with the things that i can afford.. but now, i'm not.. i want things which i've always dream off.. i no longer want to settle anything lesser than what i want.. and i want to try my best to fulfill MY wishlist MYSELF.. as that will give me a big huge self satisfaction..

My wishlist consists of :-

- a studio apartment overlooking the KL view, either be at KLCC area OR right above pavilion as shopping makes me happy

- a wardrobe full with herve leger

 - a walk in closet of louboutins

 *photo courtesy of bella*

 - a jewelery box fill with my fav pieces of jewelery from van cleef, blvgari, cartier and etc

- a few of hermes birkin

- traveling of course

- and dine in the finest restaurants

I want to have it all and i want to achieve it by myself

*fingers crossed*

But for now, my aim is to drop a dress size.. from a size S in herve leger to an XS

Saturday, July 17, 2010

herve leger?

"Herve Leger, sometimes written as Hervé Léger, is a fashion house founded by the designer currently known as Hervé L. Leroux

Leroux pioneered the creation of the "bandage" or "body-con (body-conscious)" dress, using materials traditionally associated with foundation garments to create dresses that would mold and shape the wearer's figure with its signature bandage-like strips

In September 1998, Herve Leger was acquired by the BCBG Max Azria Group from the Seagram's Group. This was the first-ever acquisition of a French couturier by an American designer" from wikipedia

Thanks to mimi, i got to know about this designer and the dresses are super awesome!

Check this out :-

Okay, okay.. i know.. i need to have a super sexy body to pull this dress off..

Well, hey.. i've lost almost 5kgs already.. so i think i deserve to get this dress so that i'd be more motivated to lose more weight and to tone up! ;) right? haha

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

short trip?

Well, i bet you're not surprise if i tell you that i just came back from singapore.. right?

I drove down on saturday afternoon and spent 3 nights in singapore.. russ was working from 7am to 7pm but yet we were able to spend some time together, at the hotel.. while he was at work, i got to meet up with some eugene, 2 of the fairlady owners from singapore and did some shopping at orchard..

The hotel we stayed in has a nice view from the rooftop.. plus i got to enjoy maxis coverage.. hence i had to go up to the 8th floor each time i want to bbm mimi or eugene and to do some photo uploads on fb..

Nice view, eh? ;)

The koi pond on the 6th floor

And the swimming pool

I went to orchard 2 days in a row.. spent like 3 or 4 hours just walking around.. from DFS at scotts road all the way to 313 at somerset.. didn't get to buy much.. the singapore sale is sitll going on and the louboutins are on SALE! 30% discount BUT yet after conversion, it's still expensive compare to what i can get if i order online.. so there, no louboutins for me..

But of course i managed to at least buy some stuff for myself :D

Molton Brown's warming eucalyptus bath and shower therapy - sgd49
Guerlain's meteorites perles (illuminating powder) - sgd81
Chanel's earring - sgd370
Chanel's chance EDT 50ml - sgd104

Then i helped cas to get her Kose's happy bath day precious rose body mist, shower gel and body soap from SaSa.. she couldn't get it in KL hence i did her a favor ;)

Yeap, that's all i bought.. believe it or not :p

I wonder when will be the next time i get to visit singapore again.. well, it's only 2 and a half hours drive any way *wink*

Monday, July 12, 2010


These people are completely idiots or are they just plain ignorant? hmmm... maybe ignorant idiots.. i won't even blackout their car reg number.. they should be exposed

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Ever since the BlackBerry becomes popular and people started raving about it, i've secretly wanted to get my hands on it.. but due to the stupid dummy phone at maxis, i can't access to the real phone to test it out..

Then as my friends got themselves a BB (mostly bold 9700), i'd asked them to tell/show me how does a BB works.. i fell in love after that.. i went home and googled the phone, it comes in black only :( hence many people (especially the girls) would zhng (to decorate) their BBs with colorful diamantes..

Since it comes in black only, so i'm not really keen to get it.. plus my trusty nokia E71 hasn't fail on me yet.. then a few months ago as i was browsing the web, i got to know that the BB will come in white! YAY!

So i waited and waited.. after a few months, i saw one of my friends on FB is selling the white BB.. my patience paid off! haha.. i messaged him instantly.. found out the price, got a nod from russ for approval to buy and then COD a few days after that..

Here's my new (2 weeks old) whiteBerry!

Yes, it's from T-mobile, singapore :D

The pouch is different from the black one, eh? :p

Although the camera is only 3.2MP but i can tell you that the picture quality is soooooooooooooo much better than the E71..

I've changed from prepaid to postpaid and took the BB plan from maxis.. i know that there's better plans out there but since i still want to keep my number, i got no other choice.. my plan is rm50 for calls, extra rm8 each month for sms-es (as i'm a sms person) and rm120 for the BB plan (data usage)..

It has only been 2 weeks since i bought the BB and now i can't live without it! it's addictive! uploading pictures has never been easier.. just snap and upload.. i used to snap with my camera, transfer to my laptop, edit and upload..

And i can keep in touch with russ so much easier :D way before i got my E71, i can only check my emails when i'm at home.. then with the E71, i can check my FB and emails.. but it was quite expensive as i was still using prepaid.. i had to constantly access to my email to check if russ had reply my emails or not.. BUT with the BB, i'd get a 'ping' every time i get a new email! so basically now, i can reply russ's email right after he sent it to me.. and if i'm lucky enough, he'd reply me instantly too! :)

Well, it has a good side and the bad for the 'push email' function.. the bad side is that it drains the BB's battery quite fast :( to tackle this problem.. i got myself a car charger! hehe..

SO, anyone out there has a BB too? we can BBM each other ;)

ps: i've never been an iphone fan so i won't be getting the new iphone 4.. russ asked me why don't i want the iphone.. well, i want to keep my nails long! :p plus i'm not a fan of touchscreen too :D