Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011 resolution?

This is my 1st post of 2011 :D

So, new year has come and go.. how was your new year's eve? for me, i was at home sleeping.. believe it or not.. haha!

Anyway, i've started my gym regime yesterday (4th jan).. nothing much.. just slowly building up my motivation to exercise.. i'm heading to the gym again after work.. this time for a dance class ;) i've always loathe to go to the gym and i'll always find excuses NOT to go.. but this gym is just right above my office.. so i don't have to drive out, stuck in the jam and find parking just to exercise.. there's NO excuse this time :P furthermore, i want to fit in my new herve leger nicely.. without any fat bulging out.. haha..

My resolutions for this year is to lose some weight and get a better paying job (to support my shopping addiction for finer things in life) :P.. what's yours?