Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a brand new year, a brand new me?

2010 has been quite a bad year for me.. lots of heartache, tears, anger, happy moments, new friendships.. basically i went through lots of ups and downs in the previous year..

I hope 2011 will be better *fingers crossed* i really can't wait to start a whole new chapter in life..

1st - i need a basic paying job every month.. a stable income basically

2nd - i need to lose my 30% of body fat!! yes, you read it right.. i have 30 f**king percent of body fat!! argh!! so what am i gonna do about it? well, i've joined a gym recently.. it has been great.. went for 4 sessions.. actually am thinking of a personal trainer.. i saw a lady who's in her 50s and she looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better than any other ladies out there! well toned, athletic body.. apparently she's been working out for the past 17 years! o.O

3rd - reduce my intake of calories.. it's a MUST! =.=

4th - be a stronger person.. not in terms of strength but mentally..

5th - pamper myself once in awhile.. eg: shopping, holiday, fine dining.. i think i really deserve it

6th - enjoy life, be happy always! :D


mun said...

All the best to you for 2011! Hope you do all 6 items on your list successfully!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Nic - hope everything is alright with you. Have been following your blog for quite some times. I stopped following blogs or writing blogs 3 months ago due to heavy workload (yes, damn tired), and now when I re-read your blog... I noticed something in your life has changed somehow. Hope you are strong, and enjoy other things fully in your life. And hey, you look better than last year I think. So, "add oil"!:)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

mun: thanks :)

elizebeth: i think those who follow my blog will realize things are different.. yes, it's different BUT it's a good thing tho.. it does makes me a stronger and independent person.. and oh, thanks for still reading my blog even u're busy :) really appreciate it

Little Miss Curious said...

Have a wonderful year, Nicole!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

same to u too, little miss curious :D