Saturday, January 22, 2011

visits to malaya optical?

Part One

Not too long ago (08th jan 2011), malaya optical invited us, the MHB girls (me, erica, sarah, ashley, mei sze, brigette, cai jin, chammaine), tim and andy to attend their event.. upon reaching there, we were told that amber chia just left..

Anyway, it was quite crowded that day.. photographers were everywhere.. customers checking out the latest glasses.. we were all sat on a couch and were given a short talk by mr ryan ho..

Who is ryan ho as you might ask.. well, he is well known as Malaysia's 1st Professional Eye Wear Stylist and Designer.. many of his clients includes miss Malaysia, celebrities, royalty, politicians and corporate figures who comes to seek his styling, as quite a number of them calls him the Plastic Surgeon without the scalpel.. he has also been featured in many top magazine and newspaper such as The Sun, mStar, FHM, Malaysian Business Week, Malaysian Tatler, Minguan Malaysia, August Man, Malaysian SME and many more..

So yea, we were in good hands :D plus we got our vouchers!!

From left : brigette, mei sze, ashley, sarah, chammaine, me, cai jin and erica

After the short talk, we were free to roam around, try their wide range selection of branded and unique of designer eye wear directly from Milan and Paris.. notable brands like branded products includes Oakley, Tag Heuer, Rayban, Prada, Coach, Marc Jacob, CK, Rudy Project, United Color of Benetton, Gucci, Dior, Ferragamo, Guess, Emporio Armani, Masaki and designer products such as MyKita, IC Berlin, Infinity, Lafont, Spivvy, Mode, Derapage, JF Rey, Blackfin, Undostrial, BYWP, Aha, Markus T, White Out and Glare, Parasite, Robert Marc, GF Ferrer, Less Than Human, Zottes, Moschino, Dutz, Swiss Flex, Manish Aurora, Metlzer, Coppe+Sid, Stafffan Preutz, Zoobug Children, Lafont Children, Wolfgang, ZeroRH, Lotto, Try Change, Oval Takumi and many more..

 The lovely erica

The sweet and adorable ashley

The multi talented brigette

The sexy cai jin and the dancer + singer sarah

The celebrity photographer, andy kho

The sweetest girl, mei sze

The quite quiet chammaine

And not to forget, our 'babysitter' tim chew

After a couple of hours mingling around, we made appointment separately to come again for our fitting of sunnies or glasses..

But before we leave, we took a group shot.. as usual.. with mr ryan ho..

Part Two

I've a history with malaya optical.. well, malaya optical was established in 1957 and i got my first pair of glasses from them when i was in primary 1.. which means in 1988.. yes, now you know my age =.=

Anyway, i still remember how my glasses looks like.. it was in pink! hahaha.. it wasn't the plastic type but it was metal frame.. and now, after 23 years.. i'm back to malaya optical once again! :D

I used to wear prescription glasses til i was 18 years old.. and then i switched to contact lenses when i was in college.. oh well, you know.. i didn't want to look geeky in college :P

I've been going to an ophthalmologist ever since i was in high school.. and i was told that i had to wait til i was 21 to get the LASIK done.. finally when i was 21, i did it.. for the past 9 years, my vision was almost 100% until now.........

I did the free eye test at malaya optical and i was told that i have slight power on each eye.. sigh~ BUT the good news is, i still DO NOT need to wear glasses! wheeeee~

Besides checking on my power, the optometrist used the non Contact tonometer to screen for asymptomatic eye disease Glaucoma.. and also Fundus Camera is used for screening for diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and hypertensive retinopathy..

Alas, i was told that everything is good.. phew!

Now, i can choose my sunglasses!! yippie!!

Altho there's a W I D E range of glasses for us, customers to choose from, it didn't take me long to finally choose one ;) coz with the help of a sweet sweet girl who's working with malaya optical, i was able to make up my mind fast :P

Here are some pictures of me with my sunnies!

I chose a couple of glasses and just eliminating it one by one

Finally i chose the one from coach and i happily used the voucher i was given :D

While waiting for them to issue me a receipt and to pack my sunglasses, took a few shots of the outlet and also of myself! hehehe...

I was bbm-ing mei sze to tell her that i finally got my sunglasses

Anyway, now i know why my family chose to bring me to malaya optical for my 1st pair of glasses.. it's coz malaya optical is a one stop solution for eye wear, eye care, lifestyle and emotional needs.. it's 'The Eye Experience Boutique'

 Do check out their website :