Sunday, March 06, 2011

my cookbook?

Food review

You know how people nowadays love to take pictures of their food before eating and upload it on either FaceBook or blog, well... the owner, John of My CookBook came up with superb food presentation to make our pictures look nicer! :D

Here are some pictures of the place :-

As for the food *yummy*

Let's start off from the drinks

Chilled ribena with longan - rm6.90

Chilled sour plum juice - rm5.90

Notice the ice is also made from the same drink? well, don't you just hate it when normally the ice in our drinks melted and it diluted our drinks..THIS won't happen for our drinks at My Cookbook! *yippie*

Lemongrass jello with fresh fruits - rm9.90

Now for our food.. to tell you the truth, the owner, John was waaaaaaay too generous with the food..

Yee Sang with seasonal fresh fruits - rm48
(bear in mind that this was served during CNY)

45 minutes poached egg with black cream sauce served on dried scallop toast - rm8.90

Black eyed pea cake with salted egg yolk and my cookbook chili - rm8.90

Organic pumpkin porridge with vegetable and yam fritter - rm15.90

MyCookbook double boiled chicken soup with shimeji mushroom - rm8.90

My Cookbook prawn bisque with prawn wanton and egg beancurd - rm8.90

My Cookbook king prawn noodles in prawn bisque served with 45 mins poached egg - rm26.90

My Cookbook king prawn porridge with ginger - rm 26.90

Dried curry noodles with crispy chicken roll and long beans - rm15.90

My Cookbook fried kuey teow with duck egg - rm15.90

My Cookbook barley pandan rice with cookbook curry chicken - rm15.90

My Cookbook curry laksa with moon face wanton, poached chicken roll and cockles - rm15.90

My Cookbook crispy chicken roll and fragrant rice served double boiled chicken broth - rm15.90

There, so far we had 19 dishes including the yee sang, soup and main course.. then we had 6 more types of dessert to go! the owner, John was kind enough to ask the waiter to reheat some dishes for us as andy took his time to take the pictures and we can't cope up with the pace of the food servings! haha..

Here comes the dessert.. they are a lil unique, i'd say ;)

Hot homemade soya milk with barley and black sesame beancurd - rm9.90

Barley and soya bean milk with homemade black sesame ice cream and peanut beancurd - rm9.90

Black glutinous rice with coconut ice cream and homemade peanut beancurd - rm9.90

Chilled avocado puree with yam ice cream and homemade black sesame beancurd - rm 9.90

Black glutinous rice with pumpkin puree and homemade durian ice cream - rm9.90

Oat congee with homemade black sesame ice cream and sweet corn - rm9.90

After eating, we were showed around by John.. the 2nd floor has 2 rooms to accommodate small private event

And the top floor has a chill out bar/lounge where there's a projector which you can held some company or launching events..

We had fun playing with the lights.. it was andy's idea of us doing the silhouette thing :D

To end this post, of course i have pictures of the lovely pretty girls for you ;)

Ashley and stephanie

Me and ashley

Tim, sarah and erica

Stephanie, andy, me and ashley

Last picture of that day

L-R : sarah, stephanie, ashley, brigette, john, tim, stephanie, erica and me

If you are feeling adventurous OR just simply wants to snap the superb presentation of the food OR a food lover, head over to My Cookbook at :-

A-12, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14 , 
Kota Damansara, Damansara, 
47810, Malaysia
Tel : +603-6140 6113
Or visit My Cookbook’s Facebook page for more info!


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