Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a tioman trip?

It has been awhile since i had a holiday.. although it was just 3D 2N, it's enough for me to have some fun!

Me and my friends left KL early on 2nd april.. it was a 4 hours drive and less than 2 hours of ferry ride to tioman.. by the time we got there, it was lunch time and the divers were back from their dive :D

We all had lunch together and then all of them went for another dive.. so i went back to the chalet to catch up on my sleeeeep.. hehe~

This is where we stayed :-

Swiss Cottage (rm110 per night)

And this was my 'best friend' throughout the trip

I slept for at least an hour and woke up fresh.. then it's time for photo snapping! :D

Then the divers came back

We went to the duty free after that

At night, 1 table playing monopoly..

While the next table, playing mah jong

The next day, i went out to the sea with the divers.. while they went scuba diving, i was snorkeling

Diver's sausage.. written 'diver below'.. this is the signal for the boatman to pick the diver up

It was hard to say bye bye to the beautiful beach, breeze, sea and.... fishes! but we all had to come back home *sigh*

Finally our ferry came.. bye bye T_T

The sky was dark and gloomy when we left.. til we meet again next year

ps: sorry, no pics of me in bikini :P


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hey I didnt know Tioman was known for its duty free booze. But looks like a FUN trip and you most definitely look good with a tan :)

Anonymous said...

ehhh tioman got duty free??

nice lol!

Muhammad Asif said...

I stayed 8 Nights in tioman....its like a different world on that beach..i forgot the name...but we went three times to duty free to get the boozz...i love tioman soooo much.... unforgettable memories...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

eh, how come not many ppl knows there's duty free in tioman? hmmmm.. it's time for u to check it out! ;)