Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hennessy Artistry Ultimate Experience - part 1

I've always heard about people/friends raving to me about Hennessy Artistry.. so when i got an email from helenness asking who wants to go on a 4D 3N all paid expenses for the Hennessy Artistry Ultimate Experience, i think i was the 1st one to reply her.. then the next day, i got an email from her that i've been chosen! YIPPIE!! i've NEVER EVER won/chosen for ANYTHING and i was SUPER DUPER happy!

I didn't tell my mum or my colleagues where i was heading.. nope.. heheh.. but i did tweet about it ;)

So, i packed my luggage and head to KLIA (yes, we flew via MAS) on 28th april.. my flight was at 1.55pm..

Here's the MH1148 which flew us from KLIA to Penang

I was REALLY excited as it was my first time EVER to travel alone! :D the flight was a short one.. less than an hour.. as we landed in Penang and got off the plane, we hopped on to a bus.. yes, a BUS! we got a bus to shuttled us around Penang town and to clubs.. wasn't THAT nice~

We checked into The Northam All Suite Hotel

You gotta check out the suite we had!!

I shared the suite with rebecca saw :)

The living room with a flat screen

Dining room + office space

Our 2 single beds

And our bathroom with 2 wash basins, a shower and a jacuzzi tub!

Our view from the living room

We got a complimentary bottle (which i gave it to rebecca as i don't drink at home)

Then by 7.30pm, all of us bloggers got ready and hopped onto the bus

We arrived at VooDoo, took a group picture and had a meet & greet session with the artists who were performing that night! :D

Michelle with Vandalism

Kyoto Protocol

And Spinderella

Besides that, there were some activities for us

Michelle was trying her hand in mixing while i was looking :P

Josh and Leonard were mixing their music

While Ringo @ cheesie was playing the slicing game on an ipad

Before entering, we took tons of pictures

Venice and helenness

Helenness, Ringo and Bell

Me and the girls

The girls (helenness, bell and ringo) and Leonard

The party started and it got crowded.. luckily we were given a VIP area ^_^

Look at the crowd!

Spinderella spinning

Kyoto Protocol in the house!

Next up was Vandalism

She kinda look like lady ga-ga.. with her outfit and the way she performed.. hmmmm...

Anyway, we partied til the sun 'almost' coming up.. and the next day, we continue our 'journey' of parties.. partying the Hennessey way...

ps: for more photos, please click here and here for the Hennessey official pictures..

pps: photos above are credited to Hennessey and xiangcool