Sunday, May 22, 2011

outdoor-sy type of person?

I had a little chat with my ex, russell not too long ago.. we were sorting things out.. he told me that we got alot of differences..

Well for example, he said i'm not a very outdoor kind of person.. hmmm.. i beg to differ..

Coz actually before i met him, me and my other ex.. we did things.. like going for waterfall, picnics, took strolls with my uncle's dog, taught me how to swim, went for walks along the beach, went to port dickson, starlight cinema (watching movie under the stars) and etc..

For me, i love getting myself tanned.. not sure why but i think it looks healthy.. so yes, i don't go for whitening products.. pfffft..

So when i was in tioman, instead of putting sun block, i sprayed on some tanning oil! haha.. but now sadly my tan has gone :'(

Anyway, yes.. i love the outdoor.. i think it will be great to play beach volleyball, banana boat ride, flying fox, water slide on the grass, rolling downhill in a 'hamster' ball, snorkeling, horse riding, fly kite (yes, i've NEVER flown a kite before) and etc..

I mean, i didn't have a chance to do all this with anyone before.. ask my girl friends? they will be too scared to go under the sun =.= of course i won't want to see them going horse riding with a hand holding an umbrella! >.<

How could he ruled out that i'm not interested in outdoor activities? no one ever tried to ask me out or suggest anything..

Sigh~ all they do is just making assumptions that i'm a boring indoor couch potato type of person and whenever i travel, i MUST stay in a 4 star hotel..

Is that even fair to me?


Unknown said...

that kind of assumption,it's sad... maybe his definition of outdoor activity is different. maybe your ex, he's into hiking, cycling, paragliding and as such..

he's your ex, cheer up..different ppl with difft ways of having fun. u like your sun tanned skin,and it's fun kan?.. i love having tans too,sometimes i would have my sun tans from my condo's swimming pool in the middle of the noon!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.. didn't know that there's still ppl reading this..

anyway, thanks for your comment too :) well, i'll just have my fingers crossed that my next r'ship would be better than the previous ;)

Nat said...

I wouldn't say for certain, but it just sounds as if he didn't really make effort to truly know you as a person and respect you as a wife to be making that sort of assumption.

Anyway, be true to yourself. Your true friends and family know you better. =)