Thursday, November 08, 2012

H-Artistry 2012?

Yes, it was the time AGAIN.. the PINNACLE of OUR 2012 trilogy!!

This time around i was put to in charge of the artists.. eg: attending to their needs, making sure their holding rooms are comfortable and etc..

The line up was :-

Alexandra Burke

Block B

Havana Brown


Overall, it was a good night for ALL of us.. even though it was raining and people had to brave through the bad weather and traffic, i am pretty sure EVERYONE had fun! :)

The venue was packed :-

I was DEAD tired after the show as i was running everywhere to get to the artists needs and to make sure they go to the stage..

It was a GREAT night.. for me.. as i got to talk to Alexandra Burke and chilled with her and her entourage in her room! :D

She's a VERY VERY sweet, nice and down to earth person.. and her fav food is Hazelnut chocolate! ;)

Also i took a pic with Dj Havana Brown :D

ps: photos courtesy of Hennessy Malaysia