Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a rescued lil kitten?

Today as usual when i was driving to work, i spotted a brown little thing on the road.. the road leading to the NKVE.. i stopped by the road waiting for 'it' to crawl to the side for safety BUT 'it' was just stunned.. another car stopped too, but the driver didn't do anything.. so i HAD to just get down from the car and rescued 'it'..

I know that if i leave 'it', 'it' will be another roadkill and i WILL regret for the rest of my life of not rescuing it..

I took 'it' into my car and placed it on the passenger's floor mat

It is just SO adorable.. look at the eyes!! as i was driving to work, it managed to find a hole and crawled up to it.. and i had to stop my car at the petrol station to take it out.. then i drove to work with 1 hand carrying the cute lil thing..

When i arrived at the office, everyone went 'awwwww... so cuteeeee' Mimi got a box for the kitty and we put milk for it.. we think it's a female..

Anyway, i managed to ask around and fortunately someone is willing to adopt her! :D yay!

I wanted to keep it BUT i know i won't be able to have time to take care of her.. my heart feels heavy to see her given away but i know it's for the BEST..

Hopefully she'll be in good hands

*fingers crossed*

I feel so GOOD today!! :D


Daredevil_76 said...

awesome act of kindness nicole!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thank you :) i always do have a soft spot for cute lil furry animals, eg: dogs, cats, hamsters, genuine pigs, rabbits

Daredevil_76 said...

I got hairy legs - just minus the cuteness >_<