Thursday, January 31, 2013

the Z gathering?

I've been driving my car for the past 5 years or more and i've only attended a few of the car gatherings.. mostly, i used to follow russ to HIS car club gathering instead :P

Anyways, on Sunday i went to the Z gathering.. usually i'll avoid it as there's no other girl owners.. BUT this time i'm lucky.. i got to know Celine from the group and we hit it off instantly on... FB!

At 10am, some of the guys were already at Pappa Rich, Citta Mall

I reached by 10.30am and was the only lady owner there @_@ then slowly everyone came, one by one..

After the photoshoot, we drove to Bkt Tinggi.. it was a good drive.. IF there were lesser cars, it woild be even BETTER

We all followed the lead of the 370Z

We stopped for awhile before heading up to the hill.. the guys had a ciggie break

We reached and parked all of our cars side by side..

It was my first time up at Bkt Tinggi.. it was like a French Village, minus the French  =.=

By 4pm ish, i drove back home.. it was a good weekend for me! :D

ps: photos credited to the boys from the Z group!