Tuesday, January 29, 2013

aseana cafe, KLCC?

Yesterday, i was at KLCC and decided to try Aseana Cafe.. it was a BAD idea..

I won't condem the place nor the waiter or waitress BUT this is my experience :-

First of all, the white napkin had some lipstick stain on it..

Secondly, the curry puffs which i ordered.. well.. i took 3 bites to it and the filling was cold.. so i told the waitress and she took the puffs to reheat.. when the puffs came back, they returned back my half eaten puff! i mean, can't they just replace that 1 particular puff OR just throw it away?

Thirdly, they forgot my order! AND they gave me the bill..


The ONLY thing i like about this place is the yellow chrysanthemum.. it really stood out from the white table setting..

Summary : it will my 1st and last time visiting this cafe.. although the manager made an effort to apologise by giving me free ice cream


Elizebeth D.L. said...

Lipstick stain on the napkin is absolutely unforgivable!