Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yes, FINALLY i got my keys to my new home sweet home!!

Went to check on the place, spent a couple of hours there and checked to see if my car can go up to my designated parking.. and yeap, it can't :(

Anyways, i have to write a letter to the community members to seek for their permission to park at the visitor parking bay

By the way, as i was at the lanai i saw there's 2 developments coming up in my housing area!

And these are the newly built houses

Hopefully with all these, my area won't be a 'kampung' area anymore *fingers crossed* AND my place value will go up :D

Seriously, can't wait to move in! *excited*


FireWire said...

congrats! i hope everything is well for you.

i read from some online forum about zen, saying residence commenting on the poor quality of the house.