Wednesday, August 02, 2006

could i EVER get rid of the blardy viruses in my pc?

It's been a really frustrating day for me these couple of days.. my pc has been manifested by some blardy trojan viruses.. WTF! what have i done to deserve all this? sigh...

I've used, lemme see... one, two, three and FOUR anti-virus & anti-spyware softwares.. argh!! spent the whole freaking day scanning and rebooting my pc.. AND now, i can finally say that... i think my pc is "healed".. thank God.. Amen!

Anyway, i'm currently taking a holiday now from work.. yeap, i resigned.. let's say that i can't adapt to the environment there.. not coz of the workload.. in fact i DID NOT mind having to stay til 1am just to work.. i love being busy.. it keeps me from being too free and left with nothing to do.. it could occupied my time :) but sad to say that, i left coz of something else.. BUT i do miss my ex-colleagues, Faisal and Nurul.. i miss having nasi lemak as breakfast with Faisal and having lunches with both of them AND also bugging Nurul to finish up some work.. hehe..

So, to my friends who are worried about me.. oh, some of them are happy that i left the job coz, oh well.. don't need to worry about me.. i'm less stressful now, i sleep til 10am or 11am, happier, could sleep late AND i could go shopping whenever i want.. i'm like having a vacation.. a week or 2.. then i'd be off to work again :) don't envy, ya? :p

Now, i do have more time to blog at the time being.. muahahahah AND also to catch up with friends.. also to think what car should i change.. lol.. hmmmmm.. toyota wish or Caldina OR a BMW E46? sedan or mpv or performance car? decision decision decision.... but right now, i need to shop for new clothes for a new job! ;)