Monday, July 03, 2006

free car wash, anyone?

As like any other typical Monday morning, i drove out from my apartment and headed to work, i spotted something.. i was like HOLY COW! since when my residential area, they built a fountain?! and built it OVERNIGHT? NO WAY! then as i drove closer, i was like "OMG, it's not a fountain.. it's a burst pipe!"

WTF! they think water is cheap now, eh? why the authorities can't fix it ASAP? not that i'm complaining, hehe coz i got my car washed when i drove past the "fountain".. every single car passes by, had a free car wash.. it's like a Public Drive
-Through Car Wash! and it's free somemore.. but still, however water is precious AND we don't have to waste it like that..

Here's a couple of pictures i managed to take while driving :-

Look! a "fountain".... NOT :p

See... it's NOT a fountain afterall.. sigh.. my happiness was shortlived.. LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. That's one huge water burst you got there!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yeap! but it's fixed already.. the pipe always burst and the water just flowed out BUT yesterday was the worse.. like a fountain.. haha!

Anonymous said...

Aww man! No more free car wash! My car needs a wash badly lol. Black spectra + dust = doesn't look nice :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u lazy ass.. go for the petrol station car wash.. no need to get off the car too :p