Monday, February 12, 2007

extended family?

When i first got to know my hubby, i was told by him that he has a BIG family.. he has 6 other more siblings! hehe.. but for me, i'm the only child..

So, when i signed the paper .. i instantly has a BIG extended family! :) i never knew how it was like growing up and living with other siblings.. now i have 6 brother in-laws and 2 sister in-laws.. not to forget my mum in-law and my dad in-law..

Here's a family picture of ALL of us back in Penang :-

One BIG happy family :) do i blend in well? hehe..

For more pictures, click on this link


Russ said...

Hi baby, hope u like my family, and im thankful to have a new extended family too.. :)