Sunday, February 11, 2007


Some people might ask where is penang.. for those who are not from Malaysia, penang is actually quite near to south of Thailand :) hehe..

It was my 2nd visit to penang.. when my hubby
was back on 20th jan, he spent a week here in KL and then another week i spent with him at penang.. we stayed at G Hotel which is situated right next to Gurney Plaza.. we managed to get a room despite it was a VERY new hotel which just begin their operation 2 months ago and only with 2 floors operating..

This is our room 5O5 :-

Do i look pale? hehe.. behind that closed door, it's a VERY BIG S-P-A-C-I-O-U-S, simple, comfy room and it only cost my hubby RM 203 per night ;)

My hubby took me to a few places in penang this time :-

We went to Gurney Drive which is just next to somewhere near the Gurney plaza.. this is my fav curry noodles :) *yummy* just can't get enough of that!

And this is my hubby's fav 'Char Kuey Teow'

My hubby took me to this noodle stall which is operated by a few of the indian guys.. my hubby had warned me before-hand that the noodles are spicy and reddish :p~

I was like OMG! this looks spicy.. but then i digged into it.. hehe..

Up close and personal.. ACTUALLY it's not spicy at all! don't let the color fool you! lol..

Before we started to shop at Gurney Plaza, we stopped by at this shop to eat.. as some people might have know that i'm a pasta lover so this is heav
en for me! :p

Look at the loooooooooooooong list of food they served.. especially the pasta list.. took me a a couple of mins to make up my mind what pasta to order..

Finally my pasta had arrived! can't wait to eat but then my hubby wanted to take picture of.......

THIS! my pasta.. yea yea, i know the prawns looked not that fresh but hey, the pasta is YUMMY! can't get enough of it.. wanted to order another one BUT nah... too much of it won't taste good anymore :p~

This was my hubby's pasta.. hehe..

ps: for reservation at G Hotel, you can check out their official website here