Friday, February 16, 2007

~ Happy Valentine's Day!! ~

I know it's a lil too late to wish "Happy Valentine's Day" but oh, what the hell.. haha.. i hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day..

Well, i had the MOST wonderful Valentine's Day ever! it was nothing BIG or EXTRAVAGANT like receiving a bouquet of 100 roses OR travel around the world OR receiving some EXTREMELY expensive gift.. well, our Valentine's Day did cost my hubby quite alot too.. just a lil more than usual :p~

First we checked in to KL Hilton which is situated opposite KL Sentral.. we got ourselves a room on the 25th floor.. our room number was 2509.. before we went up to our room, we made a reservation at one of the 10 restaurants in KL Hilton itself.. we made a 8pm dinner reservation at Chynna.. it's a fine dining chinese restaurant..

After that we went up to our room.. as we entered the room, i was amazed of how nice the room was! first there was a HUGE plasma TV and secondly, there was a TV screen right on the bathroom mirror! so when we're brushing our teeth or washing our face, we can look at the mirror AND watch tv at the same time! how cool is that?! we had a working desk too in our room..

After checking out the hotel room, we went to explore th hotel.. hehe.. we stopped over by the swimming pool on the 8th floor.. it's just sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! we couldn't resist for not going for a swim.. but before we went for a swim, we stopped by at the health and spa centre.. we booked for a massage session at 10pm.. then we went up to our room and changed.. went straight down back to the pool :)

We spent a couple of hours at the pool.. we were late for our dinner as we were too engrossed enjoying ourselves.. hehe.. we headed straight back to our room to change and i had to dry my hair.. then we went to the restaurant.. Chynna is a chinese fine dining restaurant.. although the food is pricy but it's worth EVERY penny.. it's just so simply D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S..

After dinner we rushed to our massage appointment.. we were given a few choices of the oils that we want them to put on us when we were being massaged.. i chose for refreshing and my hubby chose for relaxation.. it was a 60 mins session..

Then we went back to our room and had a nice bubble bath.. we ended the night cuddling each other and enjoying the KL night view from our room :)

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zewt said...

no sex?

:: Nicole :: said...

*a slap on my forehead* that is a hush hush thing.. grrrrrrrrrrrr....

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