Tuesday, February 20, 2007

where's my valentine's presents?

I've totally forgot to put my my pictures of the presents my hubby gave me! how forgetful i am on that?! haha..

The day before Valentine's day (13/02/07) my hubby and me were doing some window shopping at 1Utama.. yeah.. 1Utama is like our second home now.. hehe.. then suddenly he told me that he got stomach ache.. sigh.. so i had to window shop in Zara myself while waiting for him.. i couldn't find anything nice in Zara so i came out and was sitting on a sofa bench waiting for my hubby.. i waited and waited then he came to me telling me he was looking for me ALL over the place! i was like 'huh? how could that be as i was sitting and facing the toilet entrance all along'.. but anyhow, i decided to forget about it.. We went home after that and after parking the car, he popped the back bonnet and VOILA! he took out my valentine's presents! i was so touched... *teary eyes*

Below are a couple of pictures of MY presents :-

This is me with my presents (a stalk of rose, a helium balloon and a bunch of piggies) hehe.. cute and adorable piggies :)

Here's a close-up on the piggies.. i LOVE them!! *grinning*

p/s: This year Valentine's Day was the MOST memorable and the MOST meaningful Valentine's Day that i've ever celebrated :) hehe.. it's coz my hubby is here with ME!!!


Russ said...

Glad u like the presents..
better enjoy it, maybe next year no more..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

no more??? awwwwwwwwww... *teary eye* hahahaha..