Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the purpose?

What’s the purpose of me blogging?

To be honest.. when i started to blog a couple of years ago, the main purpose of me blogging was to pour out my feelings and my thoughts.. my opinions about things and also my frustrations about work.. but as time went by, i started to blog on blogger.. it was the time when I came across Kenny sia’s blog and some famous bloggers..

At one point, i wanted to be like them.. to be famous, earning money through blogging and having lots TONS of people commenting on my blog.. i even wanted to put ads on my blog and to sign up on pay per post BUT then it hit me one day.. THAT was NOT the purpose why i started to blog.. i do not want to blog to be famous or to earn money (although I know it’s REAL easy to earn BIG money through blogging IF I’m famous).. so i scrapped the idea of making BIG bucks off..

For me, i do not want to blog for other people.. i mean i do no want to purposely find something to blog so i can have a post for my readers to read everyday.. i also do not want to sacrifice my rest/sleep so i can keep up with my quota to keep my readers happy and won’t stop reading my blog.. i’m also not the type of person who visit as many blogs as i can, read them and leave a comment on it in hope that the owner of the blog will drop by to my blog and leave a comment too.. coz with that time, i’d rather spend it with my bb.. in short, basically i do not want to be addicted to blogging or blog(s).. i do not want to keep track or worry about how many comments i will have on my blog..

As time passes by, i realize that there’s only this much i can do on my blog.. i can’t write about my inner thoughts or feelings coz people knows who i am.. i also can’t share my opinions on certain things coz i WILL be condemn.. remember my post about why teenagers nowadays like to pose with the ‘V’ sign and trying to be cute on pictures? it was just my opinion BUT then i got some bad comments.. so, basically i can’t blog about this and that coz i WILL get sued.. WTF! =.=

Not only i can’t share my opinions, i also have to watch what/how i choose to comment on other people’s blog.. if i become a little friendly, other people might take it the wrong way and thinks what i’m FLIRTING!! even though i mean no harm plus i’m married anyway.. obviously i do no want my bb to be jealous and misunderstood me.. SO i really need to be cautious..

All i can do now is to blog about my outings and things that my bb got for me.. even with that, people will think that i’m a show off.. SIGH! what a girl like me got to do?

Last but not least, i really appreciate whoever who takes time to visit my blog to see if i’ve any updates.. thank you for your patience and also, i feel blessed to be able to make new friends through my blog.. i REALLY REALLY hope that I could meet up with you guys one day and get to know you guys in person :)

ps: stay tune for my outings pictures and posts


lovegoddess said...

there maybe some other people outside who may feel the same way like you do.

as for myself, i blog to share opinions, knowledge (& some harmless vaining + goofing around at times) not so much of too personal stuff.

but recently i thought of STOPping to blog o_O

i just don't have the time. i know i have some long postings but they sometimes take hours to do and when i finish posting, i'd be wee hours of the morning and i gotta go work already..feeling damn tired

the other reason i want to STOP blogging is for some personal reason (hint..hint - you know la Nic ;) but don't tell ya )


:: Nicole :: said...

lovegoddess: just blog only when u got time :) like me! hahaha..

jasonphoon said...

I have to admit, I'm in the wannabe famous category. But I can't bring myself to blog like this:

1) camwhore
2) camwhore with food
3) camwhore at clubbing events
4) camwhore with silly captions

No worries, I don't see your blog as that type :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha u r finally back..aiyoh so many pics!!..

May Wong said...

Thats exactly how i felt gal.. and what im doing too.. :)

Love your blog and do meet up soon!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog.. ;) Keep it up.. Will stay tune for your upcoming post.

Hmmm...you can't please everyone who read your blog and just find a way to make you feel better and happy..

Cheer up!!