Monday, November 26, 2007


I can't contain my excitement any more longer.. even my bb is so excited.. i wish i could tell you guys what the hype is all about BUT i want to keep it as a surprise at the same time.. arggggh!! it's so torturing...

*slap slap*

"Shhhhh.... keep it cool, nic!"

Okay okay.. i shall un-reveal my surprise REAL soon, i hope.. so stay tune ya? :)

ps: hope i can sleep the next few nights :P

Edited: hang on to your horses.. hahaha.. i shall soon reveal the 'hype' in next week!! IF everything goes accordingly to plan :P

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I DO NOT have this 'dream' before i married my bb.. i just do not know why i have it now.. is it becoz i've been thinking about it and worrying about it way TOO much? or is it coz i do not have the confidence in myself?

I've been dreaming that my bb either left me for some other girl OR he tells me that he no longer IN love with me, that he fell OUT of love.. it had happened to me a few times.. i remember that i dreamt it while my bb was sleeping right beside me and hugging me.. that dream woke me up, i was feeling EXTREMELY angry and upset, my heart was beating SO fast AND i wanted to cry.. i ALMOST wanted to slap my bb right across his face BUT then luckily i realize it was a BLARDY dream..

I had that dream again last night.. that my bb told me that he no longer loves me and he's been seeing another girl.. i woke up and THANK GOD, it was JUST a dream..

I just don't know why i have that dream once awhile.. is it becoz i miss my bb too much as he's been away for weeks? or is it an indication to me that it's about time i need my bb's tender loving care?

Anyway, i hope this dream won't come back again..

ps: bb, don't be surprised if 1 day i wake up and slap you for no apparent reason.. it's becoz i was dreaming

You know i love you, bb and i cant' wait to have you back home with me again :) *muacks muacks*

Thursday, November 22, 2007

will it work?

I am thinking of doing something which i love, which i can generate some income from it AND to fill up my free time!

I'm thinking of traveling to other countries, shop and sell the items online! doesn't it fit my description above nicely? :) most importantly, i just want to travel AND shop! *wink*

Okay okay.. i know i've been having this thought for a long time and i think i've blogged about it before.. but just in case, i want to know if ANYONE of you guys would be my customers or not :P~

I remember lovegoddess said to me before when we were in Singapore, that she finally knows why it's so hard for me to find things which i like enough to eventually buying it and IF i do find it, it'd be REALLY nice.. so, would anyone believe that i have a talent? to spot nice things :)

So, how does it work?

I'd set up a blog, post pictures of the things (which you can't find it here in M'sia) and if you like it, i could get them for you..

eg: if you like the Bling H2O and you think it's too expensive to have it ship it here then i'd buy it for you when i'm in US OR if you like things from playboy or baby phat, i could get it for you as well coz i know they don't ship your order here to M'sia

I know that this will not be a BIG business.. and some of you guys can get the things yourself BUT i'm doing it for my friends and also i have an excuse to travel and shop! heheh..

This is a survey actually..

I want to sell things online which we can't get it here in Malaysia

Flip OR Flop?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

would you proceed or... ?

I came across purple~mushroom's blog a few nights ago and she has an interesting post.. i'd too like to know what's your answer to this scenario :-

There is a new gal in your office. Pretty, sweet, hot, friendly. Both of you can get along well. You like her personality. You always try to catch a glimpse of her whenever you could and noticed that she is always looking at you as well. Each time your eyes locked, she will smile the monalisa smile at you. You think she likes you but could not be sure and you just tell yourself don’t be ‘perasan’ la.

One night, after a company gathering, you and another few colleagues went to a nearby pub to have a drink. She sat beside you and you somehow feel glad that she is sitting beside you. Both of you chat. As it was getting late, most of the other guys went home, leaving only you and her in the pub. It was a normal and fun chat. Both of you kept looking at each other and you really enjoyed her company. Both of you were attracted to each other. You somehow think that if you are single, you will probably go after this gal.

Suddenly, or very naturally, she puts her hand on your thigh.

Would you proceed or move her hand away?

ps: this is for guys who are attached


Check out my newly registered blog! i'd be blogging about the FABULOSITY of life.. MY life to be more accurate :)

It's inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons.. she's a glam model @ owner of Baby Phat and KLS clothing line @ wife of hip hop mogul, Russell Simmons AND mother of 2 daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.. she has her own reality tv show, Life in the Fab Lane as well..

Hope one day i'd be as successful and glam as Kimora.. she's my idol.. aahhhh~

Monday, November 19, 2007


I MUST admit that when i come across cute mugs, i can't resist NOT buying them! i've started buying household things for our home sweet home.. heheh.. i just can't wait to move in and stay with my bb! AND to start our own lil F-A-M-I-L-Y :)

So far, i have 3 mugs with me now.. here's 2 of them which i bought at jusco.. it was rm19.90 each! :-

The 3rd mug, we (me & my bb) won it while we were at the genting indoor theme park :-

Think i need to buy more mugs.. heheh.. just in case i get more than 3 visitors! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay okay.. this will probably have the most pictures ever on 1 post :) errr... i think so :P

First of all, i went to our condo to overlook the renovation.. our furniture were delivered BUT it's all unopened as there's not much space to store the assemble furniture so i think it's better to leave them in the box first!

When i arrived, the jacuzzi was already upstairs in our bathroom :-

Before the people from Floor Depot install the laminated floor, i took a few pictures of the entrance, under staircase and kitchen tiles :-

Here is the process of the installation of the laminated floor in our bedroom :-

Oh yea, our floor actually has texture on it! and flowers as well :) see :-

Thought of connecting the flowers together BUT it's too random.. we can do it actually but some of it are repeats and furthermore we'd have to open ALL the boxes and do it like a jigsaw puzzle! so forget it then.. it still lokos nice, righttttttttt?

Meanwhile on a totally different topic, as i woke up today i got an email from my bb.. so here it is to my GTR freak bb :-

Yeap bb, i got the whole set for you :) good luck in figuring out the manual.. it's ALL in japanese!! now, do you love me more?? heheh..

Advertorial : we're looking for a mechanic to handle all the tools and the hoist.. if you're in 1:18 scale, please feel free to contact me

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hmmmm.. don't be jealous ya bb BUT today as i was driving in my car, i saw a guy looking at me from the opposite lane.. his head was turning as i drove pass him...

I wonder if he was looking at me OR my car (can't be coz i'm not driving the Z) OR just someone else OR my oakley dart sunglasses! :P~ but i'd like to think he was looking at me! hahaha.. well, i guess i'm not THAT ugly, huh? maybe a lil.. just a teeny weeny bit.. AND oh, yea.. i can't deny that the fact i'm F-A-T.. some people do tell me over the internet that i'm fat but hey, it doesn't bother me.. coz i know i am :) that's why.. your hurtful words just ain't hurtful to me in this way! ;)

Okay, i gotta have my 'beauty' sleep now as i've to drive all the way to our condo at 10am and overlook the installation of our jacuzzi, laminated flooring AND the delivery of our furniture (dining set, L shape sofa, my bb's recliner sofa) from Harvey Norman! YAY!

ps: bb, i think i'd try the jacuzzi first, ya? :) pffffttttt..... too bad you're not here to soak in the jacuzzi with me! :P and to readers, stay tune for the pics tmrw on my blog.. see ya~


This time it's my turn to get sick.. and i mean REAL sick.. previously a couple of days ago, i had cough and sore throat but after taking cough syrup which my aunty got for me from a pharmacy i got better BUT then yesterday, i got REAL sick..

I woke up in the wee hour feeling cold.. so i changed my air cond temperature higher to 23 degrees celsius with 1 fan.. at about 9am, i felt my whole body was aching.. i couldn't even get up from my bed.. i used my mobile to call my mum who is just sleeping in another room.. i told her i'm sick and i couldn't get up to feed boboie.. i was having a major headache as well.. so i spent almost a day in bed.. boboie was such a good boy.. i slept on the bed and he slept on the floor.. i took some panadols and cough syrup but it wasn't working..

So today i went to the doctor.. he said i'm having fever.. he checked my throat and told me i got some white spots in my throat.. i told him that i've been having headache since yesterday and it spread to behind my ears.. i knew i got infection.. he said he can see that coz my right face was swollen.. he gave a jab *ouch* and some medicines :-

This is what i've to take everyday (antibiotics, uphamol, lozenges, for my swollen face, cough & flu syrup).. hope i'd get much much better tmrw :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

no updates?

I know i haven't been updating my blog much lately.. so "someone" just filed a complaint! =_= hahaha.. yea, jasonphoon.. you don't need to go into hiding now :P

So there, i updated my blog.. muahahaha!

Ok ok.. this is a pre-update.. will update again soon :)

I promise

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ignorant or just plain rude?

Today i went out with Tony for dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid.. as usual after dinner, we'd spent some time just chatting.. while i was half way chatting, a girl walked passed me and she bumped my elbow which made my hand bumped to my plate.. she didn't even turn around and apologize! i mean, she'd have felt that she accidentally bumped into me! she just walked straight to her table where she sat with 2 other guys.. she sat down, i looked at her and she stared back at me! like i did something wrong.. WTF!

Was she just being ignorant or she's just plain rude? i wonder why tourists would find us, Malaysians are polite and friendly?


Thursday, November 01, 2007

more rings?

A couple of days after meeting my bb for the 1st time, the 1st present that he bought for me to show me how serious he is with our relationship was this :-

But actually i got my eyes set on this :-

My bb gave me an option.. to choose.. but eventually i chose the 1st one coz it's a complete round circle which symbolizes our never ending love :)

Then now, guess what? i'm in love with this ring :-

Ahhhh~ doesn't TOUS makes AMAZING rings? i guess i'm just like any other girls who are a sucker for jewellery :P~