Thursday, November 22, 2007

will it work?

I am thinking of doing something which i love, which i can generate some income from it AND to fill up my free time!

I'm thinking of traveling to other countries, shop and sell the items online! doesn't it fit my description above nicely? :) most importantly, i just want to travel AND shop! *wink*

Okay okay.. i know i've been having this thought for a long time and i think i've blogged about it before.. but just in case, i want to know if ANYONE of you guys would be my customers or not :P~

I remember lovegoddess said to me before when we were in Singapore, that she finally knows why it's so hard for me to find things which i like enough to eventually buying it and IF i do find it, it'd be REALLY nice.. so, would anyone believe that i have a talent? to spot nice things :)

So, how does it work?

I'd set up a blog, post pictures of the things (which you can't find it here in M'sia) and if you like it, i could get them for you..

eg: if you like the Bling H2O and you think it's too expensive to have it ship it here then i'd buy it for you when i'm in US OR if you like things from playboy or baby phat, i could get it for you as well coz i know they don't ship your order here to M'sia

I know that this will not be a BIG business.. and some of you guys can get the things yourself BUT i'm doing it for my friends and also i have an excuse to travel and shop! heheh..

This is a survey actually..

I want to sell things online which we can't get it here in Malaysia

Flip OR Flop?


Anonymous said...

hey cool . a friend of mine travels to Thailand and buys stuff to sell at places like The Curve Flea Market.

Well, i'd say go for it ! Plan well !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
If you have time in your hand and don't need a paid job, why not consider picking up some voluntary work? There are many less fortunate people can do with a helping hand and it's a great way to give something back to the society.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha can! provided u go to america and buy polo ralph lauren and sell to me at a cheaper price!

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