Thursday, May 29, 2008

like what you see?

Today.. i mean yesterday (coz it's already 1am now), finally i've moved the BIG ASS 46" LCD Samsung TV to our new home :) with the help of my aunty, my mum and my friend, han.. since the TV can't fit in my lil small car, i asked my aunty for help.. she took her car to han's shop and he took out the back seat and TA DAH! me so genius.. LOL! not =.=

Anyways, i stayed on to see my OUR contractor fix the 5 Bose speakers, the TV bracket and also putting the TV onto the wall :)

Alas! i can watch my chinese drama series on Astro ON the 46" TV :D just that i've to remember to fill up the installation form online later =.=

Ok ok.. seriously.. I NEED A NEW CAMERA!! sorry for my sucky over-exposed pics taken from my lousy 2.MP phone camera =.=" i have my eyes set on this! (5 X optical zoom, 2 X digital zoom, 10.1MP, ultacompact red Sony camera) :)

So i guess you'd be thinking, how L-O-U-D can those lil small cutesy speakers be?? i shall demo it to you IF you drop by :P


Anonymous said...

I've been to the BOSE showroom at KLCC and I can tell those little buggers pack a punch! :D

Anonymous said...


I know how loud your speakers can handle :)

I have my 5.1 Panasonic system with tiny speakers like yours. The clarity is there :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jackie: u went to atlas? u saw the mirror with the tv?? hahaha.. i likey :P

patrickgun said...

those speakers are bose, and they can really sing loud

ckwei said...

is that a false wall where the tv and speakers are attached to where u'll run the wires through? or will the wires be exposed?

btw why red? it looks kinda glaring from the pics. i can imagine to be quite irritated if i spend alot of time in front of the tv. why not a darker color? I hope you have good blind installed cos watching shows on a glossy panel in the day will be a bitch :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ckwei: it's not a false wall :P it's REAL concrete wall! our contractor hacked the wall and the floor just to run the wires and cables :)

why red? coz russ wants red.. hehehe.. he likes the contrast.. anyway, it's not glossy paint.. so it doesn't reflect much.. told ya already, i need a better camera.. my phone camera doesn't do any justice to the red wall.. hahaha.. AND i've ordered all blackout curtains for all rooms! LOL! so i won't go blind >.<

Eugene said...

Are the wiring for the PS3 and DVD player built into the wall as well? Man now I regret getting just a 32" =(

WoayChee said...

the LCD so so so so so BIG

:: Nicole.F :: said...

eugene: yes.. the HDMI cable for the ps3 is in the wall :P most of the wires and cables are IN the wall :)

woay chee: yea.. me going to get blind soon >.<

jAmEs said...

oh gosh jealous-nya.... i am only having a 21' in my room to shout it out ... now i dare not shout wen i see your 46' thumping in :(

how much u got it for?