Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~ Happy B'day Serena!! ~

Actually it's a belated birthday.. hehehe.. we can't make it to meet up on the exact date itself which was on the 20th so we met up at the Gardens 2 days later instead :)

Well, it was awhile back when we last saw each other.. plus she's ALWAYS so busy with her work, house cleaning, dog and etc.. so i was very fortunate to be able to meet her up.. so we went to Flying Chilies, the Gardens for our lunch..

As usual, pictures first! :-
Flying chilies



We ordered :-

My lychee mint

Serena's roselle flower juice

Pandan leaves chicken

A pot of spicy tomyam for 2

Fried baby kailan with salted fish

Look at the

We had to ask the waiter to put out the fire for us as it was boiling hawt!

After our meal, it was time for serena to open the present i got for her.. hehehe...

Opening her present

Ta dah! i got her a lucky charm/friendship bracelet

Reading the card i got for her.. look at her smileeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Hmmmm.. i think the bracelet is too small for her hand :P

See all her bling bling?? jewellery model =.="

After lunch we just did some window shopping in the Gardens.. anyways, i hope she likes the pressie i got for her :D

ps: for all HSBC and CIMB credit card holders, you'd get 10% discount at flying chilies til end of dec 08'

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Too many events in 1 day! ok ok.. not TOO many.. just 2 events for me to attend last night :P

First of all, i'd like to say CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs Low AGAIN.. hehehehe.. i certainly had a very entertaining night with those crazy guys around.. here are some pictures i took throughout the night :-

Camwhoring before and in-between dinner..

My crazy bunch of ex-collegemates *sigh* and i'm ALWAYS their 'victim' of their 'cruel' jokes =.=

Sathya and chun wee

Kok wei, chun wee and sathya

Chun wee and danny

Chun wee and me

Desmond and kok wei

Danny and me

Dinner was served at 8pm sharp.. luckily i made it on time! :P

Deluxe Four Season Hot & Cold Combination Platter

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallop & Crab Meat

Yea, i had that 2 bowl.. no, actually i had FIVE! LOL! well, danny and sathya anti-shark's fin so i had their portions.. and then chun wee re-filled another 2 for me.. i'm SO overdosed with shark's fin.. hahahaha... btw, i consume shark's fin ONLY during wedding dinners.. and i hardly attend any :)

Baked Whole Chicken with Superior Dried Seafood

Deep Fried Garoupa Fish with Chef's Special Sauce

Stewed Abalone Mushroom with Sea Asparagus

Stir Fried Seawater Prawn with Chef's Special Sauce

Fried Rice with Assorted Meat Wrapped with Lotus Leaf

I didn't stayed for the dessert as i was rushing off for another event! :) read on and see what event i attended.. hehehe..

Anyways, as usual there's a speech from the groom himself @ kurt low and standing next to him is his beautiful wife, sin yee..

To me, kurt is always the lil kid.. the kid who talks and jokes alot.. can't believe he's a BIG boy and got married!!

Then the bride and groom's family were called to the stage.. saying prayers to the newlyweds..

Next, the cake cutting ceremony..

Last but not least, the most IMPORTANT and MUST HAVE part for a wedding.. the 'yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam sing'!!!! NOT 'cheers', okay? =.="

Before i left, we had a group picture :)

By 10.30pm, i left the wedding to proceed to another event which was in sunway.. none other than Euphoria!! wohooooo!! party party party!

There was a car show and i got to park with all the monsters!! :)

A nice clean looking honda

Ivan and bryan's cars

Remus's famous ride

Bobo's carS

There were also non JDM cars.. let's all focus on this particular car first.. do you know what car it is? take a closer look at the exhaust! o.O

And i thought my bb's ARC 4" titanium exhaust is BIG enough! boy, i was wrong!!

Another non JDM car :-

Sorry guys, i didn't take many pics of this car as i know it'd give me nightmare! look at the head potruding out! isn't it a scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary sight???

Anyways, this is EUPHORIA!!

Camwhoring session :-

Me and jess

Me, jess and ivan

Bryan and his wife

The 'drunk' ivan and me

Overall, i had a fun night out :) it has been awhile.. meeting up with old friends whom i've not seen in AGES and also car buddies.. most of all, it was my FIRST time at Euphoria! i'd definately would want to go back there again.. why? coz the dance floor is BIG and s p a c i o u s, toilets are clean AND it's a NON SMOKING club!! just like the clubs in singapore!! no more ciggie smell hair after clubbing!! wohoooooo~ but alcohol prices are abit expensive.. eg: a bottle of chivas is rm400+ and a jug of beer cost rm69 =.="

ps: can't wait for my bb to come home and go clubbing with him!!