Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~ Happy B'day Serena!! ~

Actually it's a belated birthday.. hehehe.. we can't make it to meet up on the exact date itself which was on the 20th so we met up at the Gardens 2 days later instead :)

Well, it was awhile back when we last saw each other.. plus she's ALWAYS so busy with her work, house cleaning, dog and etc.. so i was very fortunate to be able to meet her up.. so we went to Flying Chilies, the Gardens for our lunch..

As usual, pictures first! :-
Flying chilies



We ordered :-

My lychee mint

Serena's roselle flower juice

Pandan leaves chicken

A pot of spicy tomyam for 2

Fried baby kailan with salted fish

Look at the

We had to ask the waiter to put out the fire for us as it was boiling hawt!

After our meal, it was time for serena to open the present i got for her.. hehehe...

Opening her present

Ta dah! i got her a lucky charm/friendship bracelet

Reading the card i got for her.. look at her smileeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Hmmmm.. i think the bracelet is too small for her hand :P

See all her bling bling?? jewellery model =.="

After lunch we just did some window shopping in the Gardens.. anyways, i hope she likes the pressie i got for her :D

ps: for all HSBC and CIMB credit card holders, you'd get 10% discount at flying chilies til end of dec 08'


Anonymous said...

Nice Jewellries! *Blink blink*


Anonymous said...

tht woman looks so feminine with tht long black hair....mama mia..

Simon Seow said...

Flying Chillies every time I passed by look quite empty. Don't dare to going and eat because the ambiance makes the food look quite pricey.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

simon: the total bill for 2 of us was rm90+ but since i got 10% discount, it became rm80+

Anonymous said...

Luckily i read this post at day time, your ghost eh..

Adrianne said...

Hey Nic, you looked like you lost weight. Did you?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cho: =.=

adrianne: pics can be deceiving.. russ thought that i lost alot of weight but then in real life, nah :P~

Adrianne said...

Hey I saw on Facebook you were friends with Pei Pei. How do you know her? She's my primary school classmate! Such a small world eh?

Oh and btw, have fun with your hubs yea. He's back right? :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

er.. pei pei gonna be my neighbour soon! hahaha :) i've not met her before but i think she found me on multiply..

lovegoddess said...

sorry i just read this Nic *_^

i wana slap myself 1000 times !

thanks for this heartfelt dedication - thanx for being such a good & thoughtful friend sobs...

i lurve you babe!!!!!!!