Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've never been a fan of cupcakes.. why? coz they used to be so simply, plain and boring.. hmmm.. how come that sounds like a description of me? heh..

Anyways, since i found out that the image of cupcakes have totally changed, i've been searching for the BEST place to buy those cute cupcakes :)

My 1st ever 'cute' cupcakes were bought at CupcakeChic at the curve, PJ.. they have lots of variaties BUT lack of the cutesy type of cupcakes which i wanted.. do you know what cutesy type of cupcakes i am talking about?

Here are some samples from, damansara uptown :-

Besides from, bisou, asian heritage row also offers variaties of cupcakes :-

Don't they make you drool? i think i'd NOT have the heart to eat it IF i do ever receive those cupcakes.. hmmm.. would you?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

on camera?

Today when my mum and i took boboie for his weekly grooming, the astro tv crew were there.. they were recording an interview with the lady owner of the pet grooming shop.. as we were the only customer there, the crew wanted to do an interview with either me or my mum BUT i rejected it.. i asked my mum to do it instead..

The interview was short and it was in cantonese :-

The host asked my mum why we bring boboie to this particular grooming shop, does boboie like doing spa, is boboie more carefree after doing the spa & massage and etc..

The show will be air on 20th march.. but too bad i don't have a recorder.. my mum wants to record it down =.=

ps: can you spot boboie? :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been feeling gloomy (maybe coz of the gloomy weather) for the past few days.. i don't know why.. i have nothing to blog about as well.. actually i do have tons of outdated pictures to upload and to blog..

It seems like that every lil thing i said i'd upset someone.. if i blog about this, someone will say that i'm boasting AND if i say that, i'd be refer as a gold digger or a dumb blonde.. i hate to blog about politics and religion.. it's controversial..

So, let's blog about my life...

For me, my life is very simple.. all my life i've been staying with my mum and ever since i got married and moved out, finally i've a taste of freedom.. i can do whatever i want or go out whenever i want.. i can wake up anytime i want without having my mum switching off the air-cond at 11am.. i can cook whenever i want and eat whatever i want..

One more thing, i can just soak myself in the jacuzzi for hours.. with some candles lit up.. it's purely relaxing.. aahhhhh~

I love having some of my close friends staying over.. we'd have a night out watching chick flicks, cook our fav food and eat it together.. just plain chit-chatting and do some catching up..

Ever since boboie came into my life, he's apart of me.. he's there for me when i'm sad and when i'm happy.. he licked my tears away whenever i cried.. he was there with me when i spent valentine's day alone at home not too long ago.. he's the BEST companion ever.. i'm so glad that we brought him home 2 years ago..


Monday, February 02, 2009


Fyi: THIS is the hush-hush post >.<

For those who aren't shopaholic, you might not know what is CL.. hmmm.. i think i don't consider as one BUT i'm a shoe addict! hahaha..

Okay okay.. CL is short for Christian Louboutin.. who? you might ask..

"He's a famous french shoe designer, born in 1963.. his designs are recognizable not only for sophistication or luxury, but more for their signature red undersole..

Celebrities ranging from Patti LaBelle to Angelina Jolie, Anggun to Mariah Carey are also fans of Christian Louboutin shoes and many celebrities are now choosing his shoes as their red carpet accessories.. Kylie Minogue was spotted wearing a CL on her music video, '2 hearts' while angelina jolie was wearing it on her movie 'wanted'.. Britney Spears also has been spotted wearing Louboutin shoes while clubbing in Los Angeles and at various court dates for her custody battle AND Christina Aguilera is also a fan of Louboutin's creations, often seen wearing them to events, and during her recent Back To Basics tour.. Madonna wore CL in her Live Earth performance.. even japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki is also a fan of the brand too.." from wikipedia

Cutting the long story short

It has been awhile since i dreamt of owning a Louboutin.. it is just freaking expensive! plus this brand isn't in malaysia.. i actually found out that On Pedder, Singapore carries Louboutins not too long ago BUT i don't quite fancy the collections.. the SA told me that will be a stand alone Christian Louboutin boutique soon in Takashimaya, Singapore.. hence there might be some newer collections..

I waited and waited and waited......


My heart was pounding so fast and i was drooling on the shoes when i first saw the boutique.. it was like i've arrived in heaven! seriously =.=

After maybe half an hour later, i walked out with my VERY 1st pair of Louboutin!! :D

You might ask, what's so great about them.. well i can tell you that the shoe is entirely HANDMADE.. yes, the cobbler cut the red sole, stitch it together, glue it and etc.. so yea, the shoes don't come cheap ;)

Personally i've to thank my bb for buying my dream shoe for me *muacks muacks* i'd NEVER be able to afford it.. UNLESS if i save up my ang pao money for at least 2 years.. hehehe..

My bb also is quite impressed with the shoe quality and he's not arguing that the shoe is not worth the price.. sooooooooo, yeah the quality is THAT good :)

Anyways, i'd wear it when i go shopping only.. i won't let the shoe to even go near the tar road :P