Monday, March 30, 2009

perverted lizard?

I remembered i told my bb before that, there's a perverted lizard which likes to see me shower all the time.. hahaha.. hence DO NOT open the window at all times! yea, i'm terrified with lizards and cockroaches and worms.. yuckie~

Here's the perverted lizard :-

Little do i know that, he is NOT a creepy crawlie cold blooded perverted lizard.. i found out that every time when i switch on my bathroom lights, he will appear.. do you want to know why?

It's coz the light attracts insects and insects = lizard food.. so there! he's just a hungry lil creepy crawlie cold blooded lizard afterall.. hahahahaha *phew*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my bathroom?

You would wonder why i love our bathroom and misses it whenever i'm not around..

This is why :-

I'm pretty sure no one would say "NO" to a jacuzzi :p am i right? hehe.. we want to keep the bathroom simple and nice hence it's ALL white (trying to make it look like a hotel bathroom).. and of course, the white tiles do make the bathroom look bigger AND brighter :)

We do keep a weighing scale in the bathroom.. for me to keep my weight in check, of course.. to make sure i don't go over 57kg =.="

And as for most of my friends who do know me, i don't have a dressing table.. my bathroom mirror IS my only mirror.. since i do not have my dressing table, hence it means only 1 thing.. i do NOT have many facial products or cosmetics or perfumes..

Here's a peek at my 'dressing table' :-

- my 1 and only simple facial wash

- toothbrush

- crabtree & evelyn lavender bath salt in an ikea jar (for the jacuzzi)

- mark & spencer lavender foaming bath (for the jacuzzi)

- bodyshop camomile eye make up remover

- bodyshop hand & nail treatment cream

- bodyshop passion fruit body scrub *it does smell so yummy*

- estee lauder night repair

- estee lauder hydra complete

- oral B toothpaste

And this is my shampoo and shower gel :-

That's all i have! told ya, i'm a simple girl.. i don't do mask, no whitening cream, no anti-aging cream, no hair conditioner (coz i've oily scalp) and etc..

If i don't use the jacuzzi, i'd take about 30mins to wash my hair and shower.. just like a guy.. ok ok.. not all guys.. coz some guys take forever to shower.. me and my bb take almost the same amount of time to shower :)

So, what do you think? i'm not the fussy pampered girly girl right? :P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

bvlgari or bulgari?

Is it human error or both spellings are acceptable?

Take a look at the website :-

Can you see the url? it's bulgari instead of bvlgari.. even the rings embossed with 'bulgari'.. so which one is the correct spelling? *confused*

Anyway, aren't those 125th anniversary rings gorgeous? it's retail at rm1,250 each.. it's silver but plated with rhodium.. rm250 will proceed to charity 'Save the Children' campaign.. i love em'.. think i should get it with my chinese new year ang pow money.. hehehe..

Besides those rings, i've fallen head over heels with bvlgari's elisia bracelet..

As for this one, i don't think i can buy it with my ang pow money.. coz for a ring which is the same design, it already cost rm50k+.. so imagine this bracelet.. it will probably be rm100k++?? i don't dare to ask *sweat* hence this bracelet will forever just be a wish :P

But actually NOT all bvlgari items are freaking expensive.. normal people like us who has extra to spend can afford some of the bvlgari stuff.. for instance a bvlgari sunglasses!

I got mine for my b'day from my family :)

I love the swarovski crystals flowers! don't cha? ;)

Did i say that it's 'Limited Edition'?

I bought this through my 1st ever purchase on ebay.. it cost HALF the price of what they are selling here.. it came with original factory case, cleaning cloth and original certs.. i waited this for a whole 2 weeks =.="

I was still skeptical even with the certs so i brought the glasses to 1 of the optical shops in pavilion, to seek for its authenticity.. luckily that shop has 1 for sale.. same model and color.. the guy had a look at my glasses, took out the glasses on display and compare.. AND he said mine is an ORIGINAL!! phew!

So there, it's not a fakie :) i love the glasses.. i wear it all the time now.. it's so glam and bling bling.. hahaha.. now i have 4 sunglasses.. armani, oakley, versace and a bvlgari.. i just can't resist such nice sunglasses! damn =.=

Thursday, March 19, 2009

how did i spend my b'day?

Well, i fell sick ON my b'day!! =.=

Me and serena made plans for lunch on my b'day.. but before meeting her, i went to the doctor first.. the doctor said i had a slight fever and also throat infection.. great =.=

He gave me 4 types of medicine.. uphamol for my fever, inflamation, amocla for my antibiotic and some lozenges.. everything cost me rm55..

Then by 12pm, i drove to jaya 1 to meet serena.. we had pasta at santini.. i didn't have much appetite.. couldn't finish up my spaghetti seafood marinara :(

Anyway after lunch, we spend time chatting and serena gave me a BIG bag filled with goodies.. hehe.. thanks :)

By 3pm, i was on my way to pavilion to meet nikie (my bff) and grey.. BUT they were late.. hence i spent almost 2 hours walking around pavilion ALONE.. trying to get online with the free wifi.. alas by 5pm, they came.. we walked around for an hour and then we ended up having dinner at 'The carat club'..

This is what we had :-

Slipper lobster spaghetti for me and nikie

Spaghetti marinara for grey

The food were not bad BUT our pasta was a lil bland.. the homemade bread was superb.. ended up having 2 each.. then the bill came.. rm162.. oh well, it was my b'day so nikie and grey treated me.. hehe..

Then we window shopped again.. instead of buying something for MYSELF, i ended up buying a lil something for my bb! i bought it with MY b'day ang pow money somemore..

My bb said he'd get me a lil something when he comes back.. i can't wait :)

Besides that, i bought something from la senza and some chocolates too! for myself of course XD

Time passes by so quickly coz now it's no longer my b'day :'( i haven't had my b'day cake.. ok ok, i want either a cheese cake OR cupcakes..

Anyway, i gotta thank all of my friends and relatives for the b'day wishes on my fb :) i can't wait for my bb to come home and we celebrate my b'day AGAIN.. i wonder what he'd buy for me.. hmmmm.....

ps: thanks serena, nikie and grey for accompany me on my b'day *muacks muacks*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

selling : 3 brand new dog collars

I have 3 brand new dog collars for sale.. my mum decided not to let boboie wear any dog collar as he'd scratch his neck often..

Hence now i have 3 collars for sale :-

I'm gonna sell it for rm10 each including a small lil tinker bell.. you can get the same exact ones from pet safari, ikano for rm12+ without the bell if i'm not mistaken.. that's how much i bought it from there..

Here are some pictures of boboie posing with the collars :-

Type 1 with green tinker bell

Type 2 with a red tinker bell

Type 3 with a turquoise tinker bell

Leave me a comment here if you're interested.. btw, it's a size M and the measurement is 15.9mm x 30cm - 46cm..

Oh oh, it's COD within KL and PJ shopping area.. hehe..

Thanks :)

ps: price is nego as i do not want the collars to go wasted

Sunday, March 15, 2009



Are your dogs choosey when it comes to food? coz boboie is DAMN choosey.. he's too lazy to bite the dog biscuits.. the dry food.. he eats once a day only and we tend to feed him at 8pm ish.. we thought he'd gobble up the food when he's real hungry BUT nope.. he'd just sit there and look at us.. we have to practically beg him to eat.. spoon feed him.. haih..

The thing is if he doesn't eat, he'd vomit.. the yellow-ish liquid.. we took him to the vet before and the vet said shih tzu tend to be quite choosey on their food.. sigh...

So i really need your advice, help and etc.. i don't know what to do.. now my mum have to put some greenies into his food in order to get him eat =.="

ps: we're feeding him some dry food mixed with some salmon and potato from the tin

Saturday, March 07, 2009

doggie spa & massage?

A few days ago, i took boboie for his weekly bath.. but that day i decided to pamper boboie.. hehe.. i asked jason, boboie's personal groomer to give boboie a spa and massage treatment! :) a basic groom (bath + blow dried + fur trimming) cost rm30 but for the spa and massage, it cost rm100 including basic grooming..

First, jason bathed boboie :-

Giving him a good rub all over his body, ears, face, paws and tail..

Then he applied the aromatherapy thingy all over boboie and gave him a whole body massage with the hot steam facing boboie.. the massage lasted for almost an hour with 2 other groomers took turn massaging boboie..

To be honest, boboie's fur becomes so much softer and smoother after that.. he smells good too.. but pity boboie, he had to stand throughout the entire process of grooming..

So he was REALLY tired.. you can see the below picture as proof! hehehe

*Whatcha looking at? i'm DARN tired =.= woof! woof!*

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Do you believe in horoscope? sometimes i do but sometimes it's all BS but my bb doesn't believe in it..

This is what i came across in one of the forum.. i went to this site, filled in our name and date of birth and press 'calculate'.. voila!


Capricorn and Pisces are very different, but this is exactly what makes this match so good. Capricorns are usually very reserved and concentrate a whole lot more on the material aspect of life, rather than the emotional one. Pisces individuals, on the other hand, are usually very sensitive and romantic, but often fail at being practical with their choices. When the two are put together, the Sea Goat will provide the stability and security, whilst the Fish will bring in the passion and romance. The two are also very loyal and not afraid of commitment. As far as love life is concerned, both Pisces and Capricorn want similar things. Their differences are very complimenting, and both will be able to learn a lot from each other. This match is definitely a perfect one, at least as far as astrology can tell.

More details on capricon (my bb)

So ambitious and hard working, Capricorns are real materialists, who want to prove themselves and accomplish big goals in their lives. It is not the most social sign of the zodiac, yet these people do know how to be in society and how to put others on their side.

One of the greatest traits of a Goat is his/her consistency. Whatever they start doing, they will almost always make sure to finish it. This makes Capricorn individuals very reliable and responsible. Capricorns are also famous for practicality which usually allows them to come up with creative ways of doing same things in a different, but better way. Capricorns tend to be quite serious about whatever they decide to do, and they tend to focus a lot of attention on that one subject. These people are usually independent and have a strong character. However with all these good qualities, Capricorns still have a downside to their character. Their biggest flaw is inability to relax and let go off small things, since most of the time they are quite serious. Their excessive love for stability and consistency makes them scared of taking even small risks, and that is why they usually tend to be quite conservative and only walk the path that they know well, without diverging from it. Stubbornness is another bad point for this sign.

Career-wise Capricorns are probably some of the most ambitious people. They always want to climb higher and achieve new goals. Their persistence really helps them in this endeavor. Capricorns often make good managers as they are natural organizers.

Apart from all the ambition and materialism, these guys are very faithful and the cold on the outside is just a cover of formality for the warm inside. Although if only we dared to suggest them one thing, it would be to learn how to take that cover of seriousness off sometimes.

Love traits
- Prefer serious relationships
- Very loyal and reliable
- Will do anything to protect their loved ones from harm
- Want total commitment from their loved one
- Very caring and supportive
- Cool on the outside, warm on the inside

Sex habits
They may be cool and business-like on the outside, but once the business moves into the bedroom, they are said to be different. One thing is for certain - these people do not like to do one-night stands. To them sex is an expression of love and only the special one will get it. Serious Sea Goat people will rarely like the idea of sex toys or doing it in a club, because even in this aspect they are very traditional and conservative. Rumors have it that Capricorns, once given the right conditions, are some of the best lovers.

More details about pisces (me)

Pisces are known for their sensitive and caring nature. They are the type of people who will put their friends and family before themselves. These are some of the most selfless people you can find. People under the Fish sign are quite often blessed with rich imagination and creativity.

Many of Pisces individuals think from their hearts and not their heads. However such an emotional logic allows them to have a good intuition and usually they can see through people and understand others better than the rest of us can. One of Pisces’ greatness weaknesses is that they can be quite naïve and unstable with opinions. This means that someone with bad intentions can easily trick a Piscean (of course not every Piscean is so easily tricked). On the social frontier Fish are very easy going and can adapt to any atmosphere and find themselves good friends in any environment. Pisceans are very emotional however they do not always show all their feelings. They like to keep a thin air of mystery around themselves.

People under this zodiac are usually very artistic. Most often they are more comfortable working alone rather than in a team, because this way they can do the work in their own creative way. They are not overly ambitious and do not care about being at the top. All they want is some recognition and acceptance.

Overall these are very compassionate and easygoing people. They are very faithful and their love is usually limitless.

Love traits
- Romantic
- Extremely caring for their special person
- Sensitive, so you better turn on your cry-radar
- Very loyal
- Prefer serious relationships
- Their sensitivity and intuition allows them to see through people, so quite often Pisces individuals can see the truth even if you are not saying it

Sex habits
Just like with anything, sex to Pisces is all about emotions and hopefully some love. Their favorite place to do it is probably in the water.

The horoscope is oh-SO true :)