Sunday, March 22, 2009

bvlgari or bulgari?

Is it human error or both spellings are acceptable?

Take a look at the website :-

Can you see the url? it's bulgari instead of bvlgari.. even the rings embossed with 'bulgari'.. so which one is the correct spelling? *confused*

Anyway, aren't those 125th anniversary rings gorgeous? it's retail at rm1,250 each.. it's silver but plated with rhodium.. rm250 will proceed to charity 'Save the Children' campaign.. i love em'.. think i should get it with my chinese new year ang pow money.. hehehe..

Besides those rings, i've fallen head over heels with bvlgari's elisia bracelet..

As for this one, i don't think i can buy it with my ang pow money.. coz for a ring which is the same design, it already cost rm50k+.. so imagine this bracelet.. it will probably be rm100k++?? i don't dare to ask *sweat* hence this bracelet will forever just be a wish :P

But actually NOT all bvlgari items are freaking expensive.. normal people like us who has extra to spend can afford some of the bvlgari stuff.. for instance a bvlgari sunglasses!

I got mine for my b'day from my family :)

I love the swarovski crystals flowers! don't cha? ;)

Did i say that it's 'Limited Edition'?

I bought this through my 1st ever purchase on ebay.. it cost HALF the price of what they are selling here.. it came with original factory case, cleaning cloth and original certs.. i waited this for a whole 2 weeks =.="

I was still skeptical even with the certs so i brought the glasses to 1 of the optical shops in pavilion, to seek for its authenticity.. luckily that shop has 1 for sale.. same model and color.. the guy had a look at my glasses, took out the glasses on display and compare.. AND he said mine is an ORIGINAL!! phew!

So there, it's not a fakie :) i love the glasses.. i wear it all the time now.. it's so glam and bling bling.. hahaha.. now i have 4 sunglasses.. armani, oakley, versace and a bvlgari.. i just can't resist such nice sunglasses! damn =.=


Anonymous said...

find it a little bit too tacky!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

tacky? hmmmm... well different ppl has different taste :)

Nat said...

Wow! The sososki crystal (Pardon the spelling.... ahahaha. This is how me and my colleague always pronounce it) is really a nice touch!

Nv ever seen glasses with them before. ;-)


:: Nicole.F :: said...

hey nat, i love the crystals too :)

lovegoddess said...

love the shade !

esp d design on the side of the frame :) i think its both cool and elegant

Anonymous said...

it's U in normal writing
but in italic writing, it looks like v ... so the exact one is 'u'...not error...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

wow.. thanks anon.. u're the only one who answered my question :) thanks!

ajitha said...

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Unknown said...

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