Monday, June 29, 2009


I know i know.. i've abandoned my blog for the LONGEST time ever =.=" well i have good reason tho.. as all of you know that whenever russ is back home, i'd take some time off from blogging.. to do *ahem* more "productive" activity instead of sitting down in front of my old macbook..

So, yea he came back on 16th june AND we flew off to somewhere the very next day! it was my LONGEST (12hours) flight EVER.. i'm NOT complaining and if i could choose to do it all over again, i would! at the drop of the hat! hehe..

We just came back a few hours ago and i've been busy taking pics, cleaning the house and putting all our dirrrrrty clothes to wash.. some of you guys might already know where we went BUT i'd still post a picture for you to see ;)

No, we didn't stand in front of a green screen and take a pic =.=" anyway, it's time for me to take a shower, watch a blu ray perhaps and try to sleep..

ps: stay tune for more pictures.. i can't edit the pics all at once.. please do give me some time ya? thank god i don't photoshop my pics.. or else... i'd take forever to upload the pics.. hehe

Friday, June 12, 2009

where is boboie?

Some people has been asking me where is boboie.. so, now i present you... BOBOIE!

*woof woof*

Harlow, human.. how haf you been doing? you missh me?? it's been the longest time since i last posted on mommy's blog.. i know some of you missh me, right? gosh, it's so hard for me to type with my nails.. i've to pester mommy to bring me to do some mani and pedi.. hmph! i got a few piccies to share here.. hope you still find me cute, okie dokie?

*woof + tail wagging*

Me and mommy took some piccies for daddy when he's away working.. he said he missh me too.. and i missh daddy.. i seldom get to see my daddy coz he's always not here but when he's back, he always come to see me and take me out.. i love daddy coz he never scold me.. i love mommy too and sometimes i lick her tears away when she cries.. i think becoz she missh daddy alot..

Me and mommy taking piccies for daddy to see

Okay, i gotta go pee pee now.. mommy is gonna take me downstairs.. have a good day, human..

Boboie westwood out

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


As i was downstairs watching tv, i somehow felt that my yahoo inbox was calling out to me.. asking me to come online.. sure enough, something was awaiting me..

I wanna go!! bb, if you're reading this.. can we go to taka?? pluh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees *puppy looking eyes*

Monday, June 08, 2009


Whoopsie! i almost forgot to blog about my 1st ever road trip with my girl friends (nikie & evelyn) hehe.. well, we went south.. to malacca! :)

Our road trip started off on 25th may early morning.. before noon i mean.. we reached the ayer keroh toll at about 2.30pm and we were greeted by a couple of billboards :-

We started our eating journey right after we put our bags at nikie's grandma house.. her uncle took us to hai heng to eat fish ball noodles with the malacca special chilli sauce

Then nikie took us to her grandma's chicken rice shop (nam wah) to have a taste of their famous chicken rice ball

Making our drinks

The dog who doesn't like his picture to be taken (he barked at me =.=).. he's one fierce lil fella

After filling up our stomachs, we went to the famous 'red' buildings

We made a quick stop for a cool refreshing cendol as the weather was damn hot!

We then made a stop at the portuguese settlement

I'm wondering what is this doing at a portuguese settlement

It's a hotel own by a mamak and it's dead..

Since my mum in-law is half portuguese with the name carlos, i thought we could find a book with a list of the ancestors at the museum.. but no luck.. instead we saw all these :-

By the time we finished with the museum, it was time for dinner! we went for 'ikan bakar' @ grilled fish at alai

Stir fried lala @ vongole with cili padi

Grilled cockles

Nasi lemak

Grilled prawns

Otak otak @ fish cake

Grilled fish

After dinner, we went to jonker street.. it's like our chinatown @ petaling street

We walked, stopped for drinks and ate ice cream.. hehe.. the night was still young after we were done with jonker street, so we headed to the jetty!

There was a BIG club there.. with live band.. i like the place as it's made mostly of glass! you can see what's going on inside the club from outside

At the jetty, we can see the 'eye of malaysia'

We found a pool place and played pool for the rest of the night til about 3am.. we called it a night..

The next day, we woke up at 2pm.. if i'm not mistaken.. the first thing we did was.. EAT! nikie took us to lee ho, for 'wanton' noodles

It's not the same as the ones we have it back in kl.. we ordered 3 bowls and a plate of fried kuey teow to share

Before we eat again, i asked nikie to take us to the most happening mall.. and she took us to :-

It was so hard to find parking.. car parks were full and we had to parked at the opposite mall.. we covered the mall in only an hour! yes, it's small.. nevertheless, i still managed to get a pair of sandals and 2 belly rings.. hehe..

After all the walking, we went to the 'famous' nasi lemak place.. sorry, i don't know the name :p

It's REALLY yummy :)

My dinner (fried chicken drumstick + squid = rm6)

Nikie's dinner (cockles) rm3.50

Evelyn's dinner (cockles + cuttle fish = rm5.50)

Wait wait, we were NOT done yet for the day.. how can we leave malacca without trying the famous satay celup?!?

Ban lee siang (check out the review here) is the place to go for satay celup

Look at the crowd.. it was only about 6pm ish

Nikie helping herself at the BIG ass fridge

She took all these :-

'Celup-ping' into the diluted satay sauce

Pouring the sauce onto the bread and cucumbers

Yum yum..

After filling our stomachs and the day getting dark, we went to our final destination before heading back to kl.. we went to....

The night safari!

We paid rm10 each and took loads of pictures (don't ask me the names some of the animals :p)







Some small mammals

Oh oh, i know this one.. it's a SLOTH!

Look at the monkeys.. monkey-ing around.. see how they sleep =.= it's like how you would hang your lil soft toy to dry after washing it.. haha

I didn't spend much on the trip.. mostly i spent it on food (duh!) and also we shared on the petrol which was like rm30 per person.. i bought food-ies for my mum

Remember this one? i used to love eating it when i was in school! back then it was like rm0.10 each stick.. me and nikie finished 1 pack at one go.. hehe :p~

Last but not least, i bought a bottle of massage ointment for my grandma who always have body aches all the time

So that's all folks.. i came back from malacca and i've gained ONE kg =.= sigh~

ps: sorry for the bad pictures.. i have a VERY lousy photography skill.. hmmm.. i wonder how i can pass my photography course when i was in college *wondering*

pps: i MIGHT be going away for another trip soon ;)