Friday, November 06, 2009


Apart from my lil small collection of louboutins :-

Me and my bb love to collect other stuff too..

Take a look at our bar :-

He collects the BIG expensive bottles while i collect the miniatures :)

Besides our bar, we have blu rays too :-

So, anyone want to come over for a movie AND a drink? hehe

And oh yea, my 'water' collection :-

It's swarovski crystal on the bottles.. does it bling? :p


sugarpurple said...

i'd rather collect memories

The Mrs Blogs said...

OMG I spy Captain Morgan Rum. Nicole, that's a really good collection of alco, when you inviting us over for drinks? Hehe :))

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u guys can come anytime :)

yea, that's capt morgan.. russ's fav too.. he said i can open any bottle to drink EXCEPT the blue label.. hehe

Sam Lee said...

whao nice! nicole, can take a pic of your home entertainment system? :D

would love to see where you guys watching blu rays :p

:: Nicole.F :: said...

here's the pic :)

Sam Lee said...

nice....dedicated HT room :)

time to invest in some real speakers and amps...woot :D

besides, maybe can upgrade to FULL HD projector too, and then blu ray experience will be totally a whole new category :p

:: Nicole.F :: said...

our living room quite small.. even our tv now is kinda too big..

well, those are bose speakers.. it's just good enough for our small lil living room :)

Sam Lee said...

oh i thought it was a dedicated room for watching movies...hehe

:: Nicole.F :: said...

nah.. we're just staying in a small lil condo :)