Tuesday, November 10, 2009

has it been a year?

The month of november should be a joyous month for us.. as 3 years ago, we got married.. BUT a year ago, november became the month that i loathe the most.. why? coz we lost the car that we both love.. the very same car which brought us together..

I got into depression after the car was stolen.. i cried to sleep every night and i would avoid going to the car park.. i stopped smiling and being friendly to the guards..

I still remember that day so clearly.. the rain was pouring down and i was searching for the car frantically around our condo area.. my phone batt was flat out while talking to russ and i had to go upstairs to take the charger ignoring the heavy rain.. i was screaming and crying in the car when i saw the empty parking lot.. i went to the guardhouse and ask if i could have a look at the cctv but according to them, it doesn't record.. i just couldn't believe it.. was so frustrated and helpless..

When i went to the office to tell them our car got stolen, the office girl immediately called the supervisor.. he argued in the phone with me saying that he just went to check the car park half an hour ago and our car was still there.. he said maybe our car is at another level and he's sending the guards to check.. i was like WTF! he thinks that our car is knight rider's car? self driven??! i was so angry.. til now, i never acknowledge him when i see him..

I had to go through the emotional breakdown while doing whatever i can to find the car back.. i went to the police station alone, made a report, went to the inspector's office alone and it was creepy coz it was just the 2 of us, called up friends for help and etc..

I was even more depressed to think of how sad russ felt.. he kept telling me that it's alright.. it's just a car which we can buy another anytime.. he told me that he's just grateful that nothing bad happen to me coz i'm irreplaceable to him.. i know he was VERY sad too.. when he came back and i could see that he lost weight..

Now, it has been a year.. i still feel sad.. the car means so much to us and to those people who said 'it's just a car'.. you got no idea how much time, effort and money we put on it and what/how much sentimental value it has for us.. it's not fair for anyone to judge us like that..

My 2nd date with the beast.. the day russ asked me to be his gf..

And THIS is the last photoshoot we both did before the car was taken away from us forever :'(


The Mrs Blogs said...

Wow, has it been a year already? I can imagine how devastating it must have been for you both to lose something you love so much, more so for you since you had to do all that running around by yourself. Russ did have a point, at least nothing happened to you.

But fret not, sweet memories of the car will always remain and naturally you both will build new ones with your current or new car.

Happy 3rd Year Wedding Annivesary, it's time to start having cute little babies, hehe.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks cas :) cute babies will have to wait.. maybe in another year.. hehe.. what about u? :p

Anonymous said...

wow..that also mark the 3 years following your blog from the old one till now..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: thanks for reading my blog.. still.. after all these years.. TQ :)

Nat said...

Let the bad memories passed on yeah.

The Mrs Blogs said...

No baby any time soon, maybe in 2 years time or so :))

Jeff said...

Nicole, I understand your feeling, this GTR not just a normal car but had bring you and russ many sweet memory if I'm not wrong. I'm feeling so sad to heard that too.... Anyway, the most important is look forward. Forget all the sadness that you got, and treasure every sweet moment you having now.

Elyssa said...

Sigh..its really sad that the security sucks at such a beautiful place. Slowly heal la.

Eugene said...

Time really flies. So much has happened in this one year. We can only accept what has happened in the past and look forward to the future!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hey eugene, long time u didn't comment here.. haha.. now it proves that u still remember my blog :p

yea, 1 year already.. time flies and we're getting older :p