Wednesday, November 18, 2009

enhancing your appearance?

Remember last time i used to say that i don't spend much on cosmetics and facial products? well, maybe coz age is catching up, so i need to take care/improve on my appearance.. sigh~

Anyway.. before spending my bb's hard earn cash on some useless products, usually i'd do research first on sephora.. it's quite a useful website.. not only you can do online purchases, you can read reviews and see the average rating of the products too..

If you read my blog long enough or a friend of mine, you'd realize that i don't wear make-up.. but now, i've been experimenting it.. first of all, i started with eye liner.. then i bought mascara.. and ever since i did the wedding photoshoot, i really like the fake lashes >.< Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

This translucent loose powder is good to create a "soft-focus" appearance that smoothen fine lines and imperfections as it sets my makeup to make it last longer..

Christian Dior Iconic (mascara) and Addict (lip plumper)

The lip plumper does work! it gives a good shine, moist the lips plus it has a tingling sensation as it's minty :)

As for the mascara, it lengthens the lashes, waterproof and it's not lumpy.. yay!

Shu Uemura Fake Eyelashes

Besides cosmetics, i bought the shu uemura facial cleanser.. coz my face is more to oily, i need something to control the oil on my t-zone.. hence i chose the pink-ish skin purifying high performance cleansing oil fresh.. it's a 2 in 1 cleanser and make up remover.. it removes the most stubborn waterproof make up.. especially the mascara..

I love the color and the bottle.. didn't know it's expensive =.=" luckily my bb didn't complain :p~ the 2 products i bought and charged to the card :-

So far, i think i've purchase most of the cosmetics.. i don't use foundation.. i got my NARS blusher, MAC eyeliner and some no brand eyeshadow.. that's about it i think..

Next, i'd get the Clinique's Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream and Sun SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick for my nose.. few years ago, i had sunburn which is quite bad.. my skin on my face peeled and it left me with a red nose.. i think i might have rosacea (chronic condition characterized by facial erythema).. so i hope with these 2 products, it will make my problem better :)


sugarpurple said...

did you tryout SKII?

The Mrs Blogs said...

Great hauls for a newbie :)) Nothing wrong with enhancing one's appearance. Are you any good at applying the fake lashes? I tried once but failed. Btw check out for reviews instead, you'll love it!! I really want to go to Sephora in SG!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sugarpurple: no, i did not and won't try SKII.. i got alot of negative feedbacks about it and i don't think i need it now.. it's expensive and once u started on it, u have to keep using.. if not, your complexion will be worse than before u started using it

cas: since i'm at home most of the time, i find youtube quite useful.. haha.. i learn how to do smokey eyes and out fake lashes.. hehe

and thanks for the link :) i'm also looking forward to go to sephora in sg.. the last time when i was there, i wasn't so interested with it :p

Biying said...

Hey Nic, did do purchase all these online thru sephora website? If so, how long would it takes to send da products to your place?

I need to get few items which are not available here in SG Sephora:( Like the Amazing Concealor, heard alot of great review on tat but they dont carry in SG.

Btw, do review the Lip Maximizer from Dior pls? :P

Omniskin Malaysia said...

hey nicole, try the peterthomasroth instant mineral powder. you will like it.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bi ying: no, all the pics of the products i posted i bought it here in kl.. but the clinique's products which i mention, i already put my order.. just wait and see when it will arrive :)

as for the review, will do it soon :)

denise: thanks for your recommendation :) are u using it now? is it the instant mineral powder spf30?

lovegoddess said...

so u like the Shu Um. cleansing oil ? :)

my fren is using it too (the green one with anti aging properties) she loves it, says that skin feels really clean and soft after using it

doesn't matter if its expensive so long it agrees with your skin and does a good job :)