Sunday, November 01, 2009


Many many many months ago... well maybe half a year ago, me and my bb did a lil 'project'.. we customized some of the stuff at home..

As you can see here :-

A year ago, we saw a mirror cube selling at harvey norman with some design on it for about rm1k+ to rm2k+.. we told our contractor and she did 1 for us! as a 'move-into-new-house' gift.. it was plain at first and we put the stickers on! isn't it cute, the hummingbird? :p

Hmmm... maybe i should start making those mirror cubes with stickers and sell it for rm1k.. and the profit will go to my shopping fund.. what do you think? hahahah..

Then we proceed putting the stickers onto our all 3 bathroom mirrors AND also our jacuzzi!

As our kitchen wall was plainly white, we put more stickers!

I love the butterflies >.<

Lastly, since we can't afford to buy this :-

So we 'dressed' up our washing machine :-

If anyone wants to buy the stickers, you can get it at the curve's flea market.. there's 1 stall which is operated by a korean girl selling many many types of stickers.. now you can start decorating your plain walls! ;)


mynnDAWG said...

love the deco design Nic..just that u should have moved those Glo/Sunlight bottle la heheh

Russ said...

hehe, yeah, pls remove that, its the first thing i noticed too.. :P

Bebee, u forgot to take a pic of the downstairs bathroom... thats my fav.. the butterflies :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i purposely didn't move it coz i wanted it to look more like a kitchen! :p

ok ok, i'm just lazy to do ps or take a new pic