Friday, July 23, 2010


What is your ambition in life? what drives/motivate you to achieve that ambition? for me it's simple.. the finer things in life..

I can say that i'm no longer the same person 4 years ago.. things changed, people change.. i don't get all teary eye when i watch a sappy love story movie or hear some lovey dovey romantic songs.. the things that happened in your life makes you change and grow up.. snapping you out from your fantasy/fairytale world and sucking you into the reality..

I grew up wanting things which i can't afford.. but i've always settled and be contented with the things that i can afford.. but now, i'm not.. i want things which i've always dream off.. i no longer want to settle anything lesser than what i want.. and i want to try my best to fulfill MY wishlist MYSELF.. as that will give me a big huge self satisfaction..

My wishlist consists of :-

- a studio apartment overlooking the KL view, either be at KLCC area OR right above pavilion as shopping makes me happy

- a wardrobe full with herve leger

 - a walk in closet of louboutins

 *photo courtesy of bella*

 - a jewelery box fill with my fav pieces of jewelery from van cleef, blvgari, cartier and etc

- a few of hermes birkin

- traveling of course

- and dine in the finest restaurants

I want to have it all and i want to achieve it by myself

*fingers crossed*

But for now, my aim is to drop a dress size.. from a size S in herve leger to an XS


Anonymous said...

so what do you intend to do to start owning all those by yourself?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i already have invested in a business and now i'm coming up with a side business

Anonymous said...

I own 2 unit at Pavilion Residences. You can contact me when you ready to move there and get your eyes staring at KLCC every night :)

Go girl!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

wow! u got 2 units?? i think by the time i have enough money for it, u have already sold them! haha.. but i really do wish i could own it soon ;)