Thursday, August 05, 2010


Where's the originality?? come on.. how many more versions do we need?

Remember when the movie 'shutter' first hit the cinema 6 years ago?

It was scary, right?

Then in 2008, hollywood decided to do a remake of it :-

It was lousy..

And NOW, guess what.. bollywood is making a remake version out of it too! but this time it's call 'click'! LOL!!

Now, since everyone of us know that hindi movie is famous for its singing and dancing.. so... how scary can this movie be? will the ghost be singing and dancing too? *rofl*

Sunday, August 01, 2010

how did i do it?

Remember the time when i blogged about 'new changes'? i've changed my lifestyle and my food intake.. some people are quite skeptical whether if i could do it or not.. well, here's a photo of my weighing scale :-

Many people asked me how did i dropped from almost 60kg to 53.6kg in 2months plus.. it's not a BIG number but it's good enough for me.. i have become more confident in myself, sex-ier AND able to fit into my old clothes better..

How did i do it?

First of all, i don't have a sweet tooth.. which helps.. coz i don't crave for chocolates, ice cream, cakes, donuts and sinful food.. but i still do eat it once in a blue moon..

Secondly, i've almost stop eating fast food.. ok ok, yes i still do but once a month :P

Thirdly, i'd opt of subway sandwich rather than mcD or ramli burger or a hotdog.. my fav subway sandwich is turkey breast with lettuce, cucumber, 1 slice of cheese and oil & vinegar.. often i will have this as either my lunch or dinner

Recently i've added kiwi fruits into my diet.. it's yummy and i can have 3 - 4 kiwi at one go..

I used to not take any salads.. i do eat vegetables, don't get me wrong but only cooked ones.. but now, i'd replace fries with coleslaw whenever i can..

I still indulge myself occasionally in chips, pizza, pasta, fries and etc BUT in a moderate portion..

Anyway, i've managed to shed the kgs, lose my love handle and no more double chin as well ;) my dress size is a small now.. size 4! wohoo! but still i have a long way to go..

Gotta tone up my thighs, arms, abs and hips :D