Thursday, May 06, 2010

new changes?

As what i've written on my previous post, i am starting a whole new lifestyle..

First, i've stop eating fast food.. my last mcD meal was 2 months ago.. it's easy for me to say no to cakes, coke, ice-cream, chocolates, donuts as they aren't really my fav.. but to say no to mcD's fries, i really have to have a strong will power.. sigh~

Secondly, i've been working out a month ago.. not at the gym but at home.. always looking forward to 5.30pm on astro 733 every weekdays.. total body sculpt with gilad, 30mins non-stop.. every day it's a different workout.. lower back, thighs, abs, triceps, biceps and etc.. i feel good after the workout.. sweating it all out.. hehe.. although the workout is just 30mins, but i can already see some minor changes on my body.. smaller thighs, more define waist, no love handles.. hehe

Third, whenever i go out for dinner, i'll try to order fish or chicken.. grilled, not deep fried.. well, wouldn't want to waste all the workout i've been doing and putting all the calories back which i've burnt ;) as for drinks, i opt for 100plus.. if i'm not mistaken, the calories are much lower than coke, sprite, 7-up and etc.. oh, i don't do 'light' coz of the artificial sugar.. yes, it's 0 calories but i wouldn't want to get cancer..

Fourth, i'm adding 'leisure walking' to my everyday routine.. i'm gonna start to walk with pei pei, my neighbour after our dinner.. as it helps to burn some calories.. it's not a good idea to just eat, sit, watch tv and sleep.. will put on weight.. plus we both can gossip or chit chat while we're walking

Fifth, i've came up with an idea for a business.. just have to do more research and learn how to operate it.. ok, give you a hint.. it's an online business.. yes, i know everybody is doing it coz it keeps the overheads low and it's easy to maintain BUT i'm not too sure if it'll work out.. since i don't really have many readers or fans who would help out and spread the word, so i guess i have to do more on the marketing myself..

Lastly, i can't wait to get my car back.. so i can see my boboie, do some grocery shopping, cook healthy food, have dinners with friends and try to re-connect with them once again

ps: so far, i've lost almost 3kg and my clothes (especially jeans) fit better now!


Sam Lee said...

lol....i am in the same situation like you end of last year

totally no fast food, no soft drinks for 3 months, workout every weekdays (at gym), eat nutrition drinks twice a day as my main meal...

it's really takes loads of will power, especially when i walk past KFC and the fried chicken just wooto coming in

:: Nicole.F :: said...

well, we can still indulge ourselves with fast food BUT only once in a blue moon, maybe? and then have to work out to burn those cal off! hehe

Sam Lee said...

yea, for me it's only the 1st few months that's hard.

after reach my ideal weight (after suffering for months, luckily not years), i can consume fast food again. but of coz must control, not like last time when i was working in KL, 1 week 2 to 3 times MCD, which is really bad :S

btw, a thing to note, although 100plus calorie is lower than coke, but still it yields 100++ calorie, which need 30mins of workout to burn it off :D

and too much 100plus is bad :[

:: Nicole.F :: said...

well, 100plus is still better than the rest.. hehe.. but of course i won't replace water with 100plus :p

Elyssa said...

Had a good walk with you today the chit chats too. I definitely can see the difference in you..not only physically but in your mind too. You go girl!!

Plus..your friends are right. 100 plus also not too good. Try fresh juice instead and water

cheryl said...


Thank you for the info on channel 733 @ 5.30 pm on weekdays . My shift ends at 4pm. Therefore I'm able to get home on time to catch the program :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

so, we exercise together ya ;) gambateh! hehe