Sunday, August 01, 2010

how did i do it?

Remember the time when i blogged about 'new changes'? i've changed my lifestyle and my food intake.. some people are quite skeptical whether if i could do it or not.. well, here's a photo of my weighing scale :-

Many people asked me how did i dropped from almost 60kg to 53.6kg in 2months plus.. it's not a BIG number but it's good enough for me.. i have become more confident in myself, sex-ier AND able to fit into my old clothes better..

How did i do it?

First of all, i don't have a sweet tooth.. which helps.. coz i don't crave for chocolates, ice cream, cakes, donuts and sinful food.. but i still do eat it once in a blue moon..

Secondly, i've almost stop eating fast food.. ok ok, yes i still do but once a month :P

Thirdly, i'd opt of subway sandwich rather than mcD or ramli burger or a hotdog.. my fav subway sandwich is turkey breast with lettuce, cucumber, 1 slice of cheese and oil & vinegar.. often i will have this as either my lunch or dinner

Recently i've added kiwi fruits into my diet.. it's yummy and i can have 3 - 4 kiwi at one go..

I used to not take any salads.. i do eat vegetables, don't get me wrong but only cooked ones.. but now, i'd replace fries with coleslaw whenever i can..

I still indulge myself occasionally in chips, pizza, pasta, fries and etc BUT in a moderate portion..

Anyway, i've managed to shed the kgs, lose my love handle and no more double chin as well ;) my dress size is a small now.. size 4! wohoo! but still i have a long way to go..

Gotta tone up my thighs, arms, abs and hips :D


Cas said...

You look great now! Thanks for your tips, will definitely remember it when it's my time to shed weight. Then again I love all things sweet so hopefully I'll be able to resist it :)

Nat said...

Hey Congrats Nic!

Like you, recently I have taken up liking for subway sandwiches too. =P Still not quite there yet turning it into my staple.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: u gotta fight the temptations :P~ it's not easy, i know.. coz i'm fighting my temptations as well.. the mcD's fries!

nat: thanks :)

btw, do u know that there's a subway at ttdi which opens til midnight? perfect for supper ;)

Nat said...

Ei really ar? I see.

The one at SS2 opens till 11.30pm if not mistaken.

I go there more often because one of the sandwich boy is... rroowwlll... haha... well, to my eyes anyway. =P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i MUST check him out then! haha.. what's his name? :P

Nat said...

Err... haha... I dunno worr... and he's quite young... and I dun think you might like. haha.

Cause a LOT of people say my taste is off one. *Blink blink*

Nat said...

dang.. I really must go make friends with him and catch his name...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

young?? ooOooOOoo... haha.. so u like young boys eh? :P

anyway, doesn't he have a name tag or something? hmmmm....

Nat said...

He probably does... but I just blushed too much then to maintain eye contact on him haha.


Anonymous said...

long time dint visit your blog

gratz that you had make it! :D

Steve said...

Good thing as you manage the things quiet nice way.Still not quite there yet turning it into my staple.

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