Friday, December 30, 2011

Mei Sze's birthday party?

OMG! i totally forgot to blog about Mei Sze's birthday party which i attended on 18th Nov 2011.. sorry babe, IF you're reading this :P

Her birthday was sponsored by Gecko Gastrobar, restaurant and bar which situated at the PJ Trade and also by Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve!

We were lucky to be the 1st few people to taste the food before it was launched on 10th December 2011.. there were pasta, dessert and most importantly the drinks!


Besides the food, drinks and a good company of friends, there were performances as well :D

The emcees in action

The beatboxer and guitarist

The Ionix5, a girl dance group (korean style)

The birthday girl, Mei Sze made a speech

There were lots of pictures taking of course :)

The MHB girls nd Tim Chew

Overall it was FUN! time passes by go quickly and it was the 2nd year we celebrated Mei Sze's birthday.. that reminds me of how long i know the birthday girl! xoxo

ps: pics courtesy of noel gosiengfiao and mei sze


Mei Sze said...

You have been an awesome friend and one of my confidante in MHB! Thank you for this post!! xoxo

stevenjared0853 said...

It was a great choice of venue for the birthday. Everyone seems to be enjoying a lot in these photos. I’m also attending my friend’s birthday party in a few days at the event space nearby. Tomorrow will be shopping day to buy a dress for me to wear at the party and a gift for my buddy.